Yendou Secures $1.3M in Pre-Seed Funding to Boost Clinical Trial Efficiency

Yendou Secures $1.3M in Pre-Seed Funding to Boost Clinical Trial Efficiency

Berlin-based startup Yendou, a provider of clinical operations automation, has successfully raised $1.3 million in pre-seed funding. The investment, spearheaded by b2venture, alongside contributions from Heartfelt, Infinite Fund, and notable angel investors like Meri Beckwith of Lindus Health, aims to enhance operational efficiency in clinical trials, particularly within oncology.

Yendou, led by CEO Zina Sarif and co-founder Patrick Rogg, offers a platform designed to accelerate the operational processes of clinical trials. With a focus on simplifying the often complex and time-consuming task of clinical site selection, Yendou has garnered significant attention since its inception in March 2023.

“Our goal is to provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a streamlined approach to selecting clinical trial sites,” explains Sarif. “Efficient site selection is paramount for successful patient recruitment, ultimately expediting the drug development process.”

Described as the “Salesforce for R&D teams in life sciences,” Yendou aims to revolutionize how clinical operations are managed. By curating a pool of qualified clinical leads and offering a comprehensive CRM tool, the platform empowers research teams to accelerate timelines for site activation in oncology clinical trials.

The startup has seen rapid adoption, with over 1,200 clinicians spanning 46 countries already utilizing the platform. Feedback from users underscores the platform’s effectiveness in transforming chaotic processes into efficient operations.

Encouraged by this momentum, Yendou has expanded its services to pharmaceutical companies through a closed beta offering. This initiative allows these firms to seamlessly connect, select, and onboard clinical trial sites for Phase II and Phase III oncology trials.

Johanna Junkermann, lead investor from b2venture, expresses confidence in Yendou’s potential, citing the team’s deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and their ability to generate immediate market traction.

With this infusion of pre-seed funding, Yendou is poised to revolutionize the efficiency of clinical trials, particularly in oncology. By providing pharmaceutical companies with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of clinic selection and patient recruitment, Yendou is set to make a significant impact in the life sciences sector.

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