Baseimmune Secures £9M Series A Funding to Accelerate Vaccine Development

Baseimmune Secures £9M Series A Funding to Accelerate Vaccine Development

London-based biotech company Baseimmune has successfully closed a £9 million Series A funding round, marking a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize vaccine development. The investment, led by MSD Global Health Innovation Fund and IQ Capital, along with participation from existing investors, including Hoxton Ventures, Creator Fund, Beast Ventures, and Maki.vc, underscores growing confidence in Baseimmune’s innovative approach.

Baseimmune, founded in 2019 by Joshua Blight and Ariane Gomes, has been pioneering the use of deep learning AI to predict future pathogen mutations, thereby enabling the rapid generation of novel vaccines. The company’s proprietary vaccine design algorithm integrates diverse datasets, including genomic, epidemiological, immunological, clinical, and evolutionary information, to create synthetic antigenic proteins tailored to evoke potent immune responses.

“This funding will enable us to accelerate the development of our technology, scale our programs, and expedite the delivery of impactful vaccines against future viruses,” said Joshua Blight, CEO & Co-Founder of Baseimmune. “We are more excited than ever about the possibilities and remain focused on our commitment to disrupting the future of pandemic readiness.”

With the newly secured capital, Baseimmune aims to advance the preclinical development of three key vaccine candidates targeting African swine fever, coronavirus, and malaria. Moreover, the company plans to bolster its technology, expand its workforce, increase the number of vaccine programs in development, and expedite the initiation of new vaccine projects.

Baseimmune’s groundbreaking approach to vaccine design has garnered praise from investors and industry experts alike. David M. Rubin, Managing Director of MSD Global Health Innovation Fund, expressed enthusiasm about Baseimmune’s technology, calling it “a significant advancement in proactive, adaptable vaccine solutions.”

Alex Wilson, Partner at IQ Capital, highlighted the company’s role in pioneering universal vaccines against a spectrum of human and animal health threats. “Baseimmune is leveraging AI to innovate vaccine therapies,” Wilson noted. “By using a computational platform and innovative AI prediction algorithm, Baseimmune is poised to develop the next generation of vaccines.”

At the core of Baseimmune’s strategy lies the development of synthetic antigens using its AI algorithm. This approach surpasses traditional vaccine design methods by comprehensively addressing all critical aspects of a pathogen, thereby enhancing the likelihood of a successful immune response.

By shortening the vaccine development timeline and enabling the creation of universal vaccines adaptable to emerging variants, Baseimmune aims to contribute significantly to global efforts in combating infectious diseases. Through its commitment to innovation and technology-driven solutions, Baseimmune continues to chart a course towards a safer and healthier future.

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