Metris Energy Secures £2 Million in Funding to Propel UK’s Solar Economy Revolution

Metris Energy Secures £2 Million Funding to Propel UK's Solar Economy Revolution

London-based Metris Energy, the pioneer in AI-powered solar energy platforms for commercial property owners, has successfully raised £2 million in pre-seed funding. The investment, led by Octopus Ventures and Aenu VC, marks a significant step toward revolutionizing the landscape of solar energy adoption in the UK.

The company, co-founded by Natasha Jones, a former Octopus VC, and William Whatley, a seasoned software engineer and startup entrepreneur, aims to transform the way commercial property owners assess, install, and monetize solar energy within their portfolios.

Metris Energy’s innovative end-to-end platform streamlines and automates the entire solar journey for property owners. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to generate quick and comprehensive portfolio assessments, providing financial insights into the benefits of solar energy adoption in a matter of minutes.

Metris Energy
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The funding injection will propel the launch of Metris Energy’s commercial solar platform in the UK this month, featuring an AI-powered portfolio assessment tool for commercial real estate owners and a billing & payments solution.

The commercial property sector presents a vast revenue potential of £22 billion in solar energy generation. However, the intricate processes involved in solar adoption, including forecasting revenue and negotiating energy contracts with tenants, have historically impeded property owners from unlocking the full solar capability of their portfolios.

Natasha Jones, co-founder at Metris, emphasizes the platform’s role in aligning financial incentives with environmental benefits: “Metris holds the key to unlock scale adoption of solar in the commercial property segment. With Metris’ AI-powered platform, commercial property owners can easily leverage unused roof space to generate extra revenue and play a crucial part in securing a greener, more prosperous future for the planet.”

The Metris platform not only facilitates revenue generation but also aids in reducing carbon emissions. By digitizing and automating the cumbersome process of selling solar energy to tenants, Metris empowers property owners to optimize their solar installations’ value and establish a reliable new revenue source.

Hope Johnson, investor at Octopus Ventures, expresses excitement about supporting Metris’ vision, stating, “Natasha and Will are helping commercial property owners reduce their carbon footprint, improve the energy efficiency of their properties, and accelerate the UK toward the large and legally binding commitments that have been made to Net Zero targets.”

Metris’ AI-powered software has already assessed over £2 billion worth of commercial real estate, paving the way for thousands of property owners to reap the energy and financial benefits of solar power.

As international efforts to reach net zero accelerate, the adoption of solar power emerges as a compelling solution for commercial property owners, offering a dual advantage of securing renewable energy and generating additional revenue. Commercial property owners can now sign up with Metris for free to assess the solar energy potential of their portfolio.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Metris Energy stands at the forefront of the decentralized energy revolution, driving the adoption of solar within commercial real estate and contributing to a greener and more prosperous future.

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