Qualiti.ai Secures Strategic Investment from Crosslink Capital, Welcomes Tim Stewart as CTO

Qualiti.ai Secures Strategic Investment from Crosslink Capital, Welcomes Tim Stewart as CTO

Qualiti.ai, a pioneering company based in Lehi, Utah, specializing in AI-driven test automation solutions, has announced a significant strategic investment from Crosslink Capital. This substantial investment aims to propel Qualiti’s mission of revolutionizing software testing through AI-driven automation to new heights.

The exact amount of the investment remains undisclosed, but it signifies a significant milestone for Qualiti.ai. The infusion of funds will be instrumental in enhancing the company’s capabilities and accelerating its vision for the future of software testing.

Co-founded by Peter West and Jeff Handy, Qualiti.ai has been dedicated to advancing software testing through AI-driven automation since its inception. The addition of Tim Stewart to the executive team further solidifies Qualiti’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. With a wealth of experience and technical expertise, Tim Stewart assumes the role of Chief Technology Officer, bringing valuable insights and leadership to Qualiti. Stewart’s previous role as a Senior Director at Qualtrics, where he spearheaded multiple products and teams, positions him well to drive Qualiti’s technological advancements forward.

“This marks a pivotal moment for Qualiti,” says CEO Peter West. “The investment from Crosslink and the appointment of Tim Stewart as CTO will significantly bolster our capabilities and accelerate our mission to redefine software testing with AI-driven automation.”

Qualiti’s dedication to innovation and excellence in software testing has garnered attention worldwide. The company’s AI-driven solutions aim to streamline testing processes, empowering businesses to embrace cutting-edge technology for enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Founded in 1989, Crosslink Capital, based in the Bay Area, is renowned for its early-stage investments in disruptive technologies. With over $4.6 billion in assets under management, Crosslink’s partnership with Qualiti signifies confidence in the company’s vision and potential.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Jeff Handy, COO, at sales@qualiti.ai.

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