Meet ‘ActiveLoop’: A Startup Building a Database for AI

Meet 'ActiveLoop': A Startup Building a Database for AI

ActiveLoop, an AI startup based in Mountain View, CA, is building a database platform for AI. ActiveLoop frees deep learning teams from the burden of constructing complex data infrastructure, enabling them to expedite the development of AI products.

ActiveLoop’s Deep Lake:

Activeloop, led by CEO Davit Buniatyan, has introduced Deep Lake, a state-of-the-art AI database designed to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of enterprise data effortlessly. This solution has already garnered significant attention, particularly from Fortune 500 companies operating in highly regulated sectors such as biopharma, MedTech, legal, and automotive, who have eagerly embraced Deep Lake to bridge the gap between various unstructured data formats and machine learning algorithms.

Deep Lake boasts a distinctive AI-native embedded architecture that facilitates seamless on-premise deployment with minimal coding requirements, making it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking to harness the power of AI-driven insights while safeguarding their sensitive data from external exposure.

So, what exactly is Deep Lake?

Deep Lake serves as a tensor database tailored for handling complex, unstructured data effectively. It retains the core benefits of a traditional data lake, including functionalities such as data backups, SQL queries, ACID transactions for data ingestion, and visualization of terabyte-scale datasets.

However, Deep Lake sets itself apart by storing multi-modal complex data—such as images, audio, videos, annotations, and tabular data—as tensors, ensuring rapid streaming for querying, in-browser visualization, or integration with machine learning models without compromising GPU utilization.

Below is a representation of how Deep Lake fits into your organization’s LLM stack.

Source: ActiveLoop

Below is a representation of how Deep Lake fits into your organization’s ML loop.

Source: Active Loop

Key Features of Deep Lake:

  • Serverless Tensor Query Engine: Enables efficient querying of multi-modal data, including embeddings and metadata, from any location.
  • Data Visualization and Versioning: Facilitates visualization and comparison of data versions over time, enhancing data quality and model performance.
  • Streamlined Data Training: Allows seamless streaming of data to GPUs for model training, facilitating fine-tuning of large language models.
  • Integration Capabilities: Deep Lake seamlessly integrates with various frameworks and tools including LangChain, PyTorch, TensorFlow, OpenAI, Weights & Biases, and more.

Moreover, Deep Lake offers intuitive functionalities such as multi-modal data visualization directly in the browser or Jupyter notebook, powerful query features akin to SQL, and time-travel capabilities akin to version control systems like Git.

How to Use Deep Lake in ML Projects?

Access Data:


Create Datasets Manually:


Create Datasets Automatically:


Plug into LangChain:


Connect to the ML Framework:


Deep Lake Integrations:

  1. LangChain: Acts as a VectorStore for LangChain, facilitating natural language interactions with documents and code.
  2. LlamaIndex: Integrated into Llamaverse as a Vector Index and loader for enhanced data management.
  3. OpenAI: Stores embeddings computed with OpenAI APIs and integrates with GPT-4 for advanced text querying.
  4. PyTorch and TensorFlow: Seamlessly connect with PyTorch and TensorFlow for real-time data streaming during model training.
  5. Weights & Biases: Ensures full data lineage and reproducibility of ML model training through comprehensive logging features.

Recent Funding Annoucement

Activeloop has successfully secured $11 million in Series A funding recently, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Among the notable backers contributing to this funding round are Streamlined Ventures, Y Combinator, Samsung Next, Alumni Ventures, and Dispersion Capital. With this latest injection of capital, Activeloop’s total funding now stands at approximately $20 million.

The primary objective behind this fundraising endeavor is to bolster Activeloop’s capacity to onboard additional enterprise clients. The company aims to democratize the process of organizing intricate, unstructured data and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for knowledge retrieval.

With the infusion of fresh capital, Activeloop is poised to further expand its reach and impact in the realm of AI-powered data management, catering to the evolving needs of diverse industries seeking to unlock the full potential of their data assets.


For emerging startups and enterprises seeking to fortify their ML workflows, Deep Lake offers a solid data foundation. Users can effortlessly query, version-control, visualize, and stream datasets to ML models in real-time, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Notably, renowned organizations such as Intel, Airbus, Matterport, Zero Systems, Yale, and the Red Cross have entrusted Activeloop to streamline their data management processes, leading to enhanced productivity and innovation.

In essence, Activeloop’s Deep Lake represents a paradigm shift in AI development, empowering teams to focus on innovation and product refinement rather than grappling with the intricacies of data infrastructure.

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