Screendragon Secures $27M Investment for Business Expansion

Screendragon Secures $27M Investment for Business Expansion

Screendragon Ltd., a leading technology firm specializing in SaaS-based workflow automation, has announced a significant investment of $27 million. Kennet Partners and Federated Hermes Private Equity are the main backers of this funding round, indicating a strong show of confidence in Screendragon’s growth prospects.

The investment aims to fuel the continued expansion of Screendragon’s operations. Founded by John Briggs, Jan Quant, and Fergus Ashe, Screendragon has already established itself as a powerhouse in the realm of workflow automation, particularly catering to the agency and marketing sectors. The platform is designed to streamline complex workflows, foster collaboration among distributed teams, and enhance visibility and agility at scale.

Kennet Partners, known for its expertise in supporting bootstrapped and capital-efficient B2B software companies, sees immense potential in Screendragon’s innovative technology and its ability to compete with industry giants. Federated Hermes Private Equity, with its extensive experience in global private equity investments, further bolsters the investment round.

The infusion of funds will not only support the company’s expansion efforts but also reinforce its Irish operations, with plans to double the workforce in Cork. Additionally, Screendragon aims to strengthen its presence in the lucrative US market.

“We were impressed with Screendragon’s bootstrapped growth story,” remarked Cillian Hilliard, Director of Kennet. “Our investment demonstrates the confidence we have in Screendragon’s differentiated technology, the existing team, and its blue-chip customer base.”

John Briggs, co-CEO and founder of Screendragon, expressed excitement about the partnership with Kennet Partners, highlighting the shared vision for accelerating sales, product development, and overall growth.

Screendragon’s innovative no-code workflow technology has earned it recognition as a leader in the industry, enabling brand and agency teams to deliver content to market efficiently. With the additional resources and strategic guidance from Kennet and Federated Hermes Private Equity, Screendragon aims to solidify its position as a global leader in work automation solutions.

The investment round was facilitated by Pagemill Partners, serving as financial advisor to Screendragon, with legal advisory support from Wilson Sonsini. Kennet and Hermes were advised by Fladgate.

Screendragon’s journey of growth and innovation continues, fueled by this significant investment and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients and stakeholders.

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