Rider Dome Secures $2.3M Funding to Enhance AI Motorcycle Safety Solutions

Rider Dome Secures $2.3M Funding to Enhance AI Motorcycle Safety Solutions

Singapore-based Rider Dome, a leader in AI-driven safety solutions for motorcycle fleets and riders, has recently closed a seed funding round, raising $2.3 million. This funding signifies an important step for the company as it works towards improving motorcycle safety through technology.

Led by CEO Yoav Elgrichi alongside co-founders Kineret Karin and Guy Ron, Rider Dome focuses on utilizing AI to enhance safety within the motorcycle industry.

“This strategic investment not only provides us with the capital to advance but also connects us with seasoned experts in the automotive industry,” said CEO Yoav Elgrichi, emphasizing the comprehensive support and extensive network their investors bring to the company.

The seed funding round saw participation from private angel investors, Goldbell, a Singaporean venture capital firm specializing in mobility, and Radha Rani Holdings Family Office, based in Singapore.

Rider Dome’s primary goal is to address the pressing need for improved safety solutions among motorcycle fleets, catering to the growing demand for effective measures to reduce accidents and associated costs. This demand is particularly evident among businesses managing motorcycle fleets and cities aiming to enhance road safety for motorcyclists in urban areas.

The company’s AI-driven approach fills a crucial gap in safety technology for motorcycles, especially as more cars integrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Rider Dome’s solution represents an important advancement in accident reduction and rider protection, with the potential to reshape the safety landscape for motorcycle fleets globally.

Already, Rider Dome’s technology has been adopted by major clients worldwide, including industry leaders like Coca Cola, Singapore Post (SingPost), and The City Council of Barcelona. Its impact spans across various sectors, including logistics, delivery services, motorcycle rentals, ride-sharing, and emergency services.

The successful seed funding round represents a significant milestone for Rider Dome on its journey to enhance motorcycle safety through AI technology. As the company continues to expand its reach and serve more fleets worldwide, its innovative solutions aim to make a substantial difference in the safety and efficiency of motorcycle transportation.

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