Zendesk Acquires Klaus, An AI-powered Quality Management Platform

Zendesk Acquires Klaus, An AI-powered Quality Management Platform

Zendesk, a San Francisco-based provider of software-as-a-service solutions for customer support and sales, has successfully acquired Klaus, an AI-powered quality management platform based in Tallinn, Estonia. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

This acquisition marks a significant addition to Zendesk’s suite of Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solutions, which already includes Tymeshift, a workforce management tool designed specifically for Zendesk.

Adrian McDermott, Zendesk’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the importance of workforce engagement management in exceeding customer expectations. He stated, “A traditional satisfaction score won’t tell you everything you need to know. It won’t tell you where there are gaps in your service, or where there are opportunities for coaching and additional training for your support teams.” McDermott highlighted the new features brought by Klaus to Zendesk’s WEM portfolio, such as the AI-powered AutoQA, enabling businesses to automatically and accurately assess support team performance for consistent, high-quality service across all channels, including interactions with both human and digital agents.

Kair Käsper, co-founder of Klaus, emphasized the role of AI-powered quality assurance in meeting rising customer expectations amid increasing speed and frequency of customer engagement. Klaus’s platform stands out by automating quality assurance across 100 percent of customer support interactions, identifying patterns, predicting issues, and suggesting solutions to improve service quality and enrich the customer experience.

Sophie Elgar, Training and Quality Manager at Liberty London, expressed excitement about the acquisition, noting that Zendesk and Klaus have been integral partners in streamlining internal quality assessment processes for almost two years. Elgar highlighted the importance of delivering exceptional service as a luxury brand, with Zendesk’s partnership contributing to achieving this goal.

Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group, praised the acquisition for its ability to automatically provide quality assurance, enabling companies to identify areas for improvement in customer experience teams and streamline structured processes, offering significant opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Zendesk invites interested parties to learn more about its vision for AI-powered WEM at Relate in Las Vegas, scheduled for April 16-18.

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