Vektor Medical Secures $16M Funding for Advancing Non-Invasive Arrhythmia Analysis Technology

Vektor Medical Secures $16 Million Series A Funding for Advancing Non-Invasive Arrhythmia Analysis Technology

San Diego-based Vektor Medical has successfully raised $16 million in a Series A funding round, co-led by Solas BioVentures and TVM Capital Life Science. The funding underscores investor confidence in Vektor’s non-invasive, AI-based arrhythmia analysis technology, vMap®, and its potential to reshape arrhythmia care.

Vektor Medical, led by CEO Rob Krummen, focuses on improving cardiac ablation outcomes, optimizing workflows, and increasing procedural efficiency through its FDA-cleared vMap® solution. The 12-lead ECG-based technology provides crucial information to physicians for better understanding of arrhythmia sources and making informed treatment decisions.

“The medical community is being confronted with the necessity for change. With increasing atrial fibrillation (AF) patient population, outcomes must be improved while also enhancing procedure efficiency,” emphasized Rob Krummen. “vMap presents a solution to this challenge. Leading electrophysiologists (EPs) around the U.S. are utilizing vMap to streamline ablation procedures and improve patient outcomes.”

The funding will support the commercialization of vMap®, enabling Vektor to expand access to its technology. Plans include increased clinical support, additional studies to showcase the technology’s impact, and ongoing efforts to secure reimbursement.

“At Solas, we invest in healthcare innovation and leadership teams committed to creating meaningful patient impact. Vektor is addressing a significant problem in the cardiac arrhythmia space, offering a chance for millions of patients to lead healthier lives,” stated Dr. David Adair, Managing Director of Solas BioVentures.

Dr. Luc Marengère, Managing Partner at TVM Capital Life Science, emphasized Vektor’s unique approach to changing the standard of care. “vMap has been embraced by EPs focused on excellence. With increased resources, Vektor will scale adoption across the US and Europe. Patients and healthcare providers deserve better, and Vektor is ushering in that transition.”

Vektor Medical’s commitment to challenging the status quo in the cardiac arrhythmia pathway aligns with its vision to make breakthrough technology accessible to physicians and health systems. Solas BioVentures and TVM Capital Life Science, playing crucial roles in supporting Vektor’s mission, focus on early-stage life science investments.

For more information about Vektor Medical and vMap, visit Vektor Medical’s official website.

Vektor Medical’s successful funding round is anticipated to contribute to advancements in non-invasive arrhythmia analysis technology, offering potential benefits to patients and contributing to the evolution of standard care practices in the field.

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