Dexa Secures $6M in Funding and Partners with Huberman Lab for Enhanced User Experience

Dexa Secures $6M in Funding and Partners with Huberman Lab for Enhanced User Experience

Dexa, an AI-powered search engine, has successfully raised $6 million in seed funding, with Abstract Ventures and The General Partnership co-leading the round alongside contributors Maple VC, Vercel founder Guillermo Rauch, Terrence Rohan, and Casey Caruso. The funds will be allocated towards product development and expanding the engineering team.

The genesis of Dexa stemmed from a personal frustration with podcast search functionality, as shared by Riley Tomasek, Founder & CEO. Dexa addresses this pain point by offering a specialized search engine for multi-modal expert content, indexing, analyzing, and transcribing podcasts and videos with precision.

With over 50,000 monthly visitors, Dexa has quickly gained popularity by providing answers to user queries on various topics. The platform’s unique features include a chat-based interface for follow-up questions, podcast, clip, and people search functionalities, and the ability to watch referenced clips from within conversations.

In addition to securing funding, Dexa has entered an exclusive partnership with Huberman Lab, a leading health podcast hosted by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. This collaboration allows Dexa users to access the entire back catalog of Huberman Lab’s episodes effortlessly, enhancing the platform’s value proposition.

Dexa,Huberman Lab
Source: Dexa

The funds raised will not only fortify the partnership with Huberman Lab but also support Dexa’s commitment to ongoing product development. Abstract Ventures and The General Partnership, impressed by Dexa’s mission, emphasized its potential to reshape how users seek information online by creating a new knowledge graph centered around people.

Looking ahead, Dexa plans to expand its capabilities by introducing a video search feature later this year. The company remains focused on its mission to provide a reliable and accessible source of knowledge. Dexa invites potential team members to explore career opportunities on their dedicated careers page. To experience Dexa’s transformative search engine, visit dexa.ai.

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