Traidy Secures $2M Funding to Propel Stock Market Investing with AI-Powered App

Traidy Secures $2M Funding to Propel Stock Market Investing with AI-Powered App

In a significant development in the fintech arena, Traidy, a Dubai-based company, has successfully raised $2 million in Pre-Seed funding to propel its mission of transforming the investor experience in the stock market through cutting-edge AI-driven insights.

The funding round, spearheaded by Three Sigma Ventures and supported by a consortium of angel investors, positions Traidy at the forefront of innovation in the stock market app landscape. The company, led by CEO Aleksander Bashyskyi, plans to utilize the funds to enhance its technological capabilities and expand its business operations, with an initial focus on emerging markets.


Traidy distinguishes itself by harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), notably popularized by ChatGPT, to decipher social interactions and market trends. The company’s objective is to simplify stock market investing by providing investors with actionable insights amidst the overwhelming data prevalent on social trading platforms.

Aleksander Bashyskyi highlighted the challenges faced by individual investors in navigating the influx of data, stating, “Keeping up with this barrage of data is a herculean task for any individual investor. This is where Traidy steps in. Our AI-driven platform is designed to analyze and interpret this vast array of information, making it manageable and actionable for our users. We’re not just simplifying stock market investing; we’re empowering investors with the right tools to navigate through the noise of social trading platforms.”

The recent infusion of $2 million in funding underscores the growing interest in adopting Large Language Models (LLMs) within the stock market. Bashyskyi emphasized that the capital would be instrumental in advancing technology and expanding the platform’s reach, with a strategic focus on emerging markets.

“Our vision is not just to create another stock platform, but to be a game-changer in how people interact with the stock market. We’re here to demystify stocks and make it accessible and insightful for everyone,” Bashyskyi explained.

As the stock app market becomes increasingly competitive, the demand for AI-driven tools continues to rise. Traidy’s use of Large Language Models (LLMs) signals a new era of innovation, attracting attention in an evolving landscape where technology is reshaping the possibilities and inclusivity of trading. The company’s commitment to empowering investors with sophisticated yet user-friendly tools positions it as a significant player in the future of stock market engagement.

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