OpenAI Unveils Innovative GPT Mentions Feature in ChatGPT

OpenAI to Focus on Task Automation and AI Infrastructure Development

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has quietly introduced a new feature called GPT Mentions, designed to enhance user interactions and streamline the integration of custom GPTs into conversations. Currently in the beta stage and not yet available to the wider user base, this feature allows users to tag custom GPTs or bots effortlessly, reminiscent of Slack’s tagging system.

The revelation came during OpenAI’s inaugural developer conference, where they initially showcased Custom GPTs, enabling users to create and monetize their own bots through the GPT Store. The store functions as a marketplace for diverse custom GPT versions crafted by users worldwide.

Dan Shipper, CEO of Every, an AI startup, highlighted the potential impact of this feature on everyday usage. “This will seriously increase the value of custom GPTs in day-to-day use. Friction is down, and usage will go up. It’s also a huge boost to OpenAI’s app store ambitions,” Shipper noted.

Since this unveiling, a multitude of custom GPTs has emerged, paving the way for an innovative feature facilitating interactions between users. Users can employ the “@” symbol to tag other custom GPTs in their prompts. However, it’s crucial to note that this feature is still in the beta phase and is expected to be exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers upon its full release.

Once deployed, the GPT Mentions feature will be seamlessly integrated into ChatGPT’s interface, enabling users to incorporate multiple GPTs in each interaction. This extension of ChatGPT’s capabilities extends beyond conventional chat functions, promising applications in workflow automation and tackling complex day-to-day tasks with the assistance of AI.

Furthermore, the upcoming GPT-4 is set to elevate this experience by allowing custom GPTs and plugins to operate within the same prompt. This innovation positions ChatGPT ahead of other chatbots like Google Bard and Anthropic Claude 2, solidifying its status as a frontrunner in AI conversational technology. The evolution of GPTs and the advent of features like GPT Mentions signify a transformative era in AI communication, unlocking new possibilities for users seeking enhanced, personalized interactions.

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