Tortus Secures £3.3M Funding to Advance AI Healthcare Assistant

Tortus Secures £3.3M Funding to Advance AI Healthcare Assistant

London-based startup Tortus has successfully secured £3.3 million in Seed funding, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of healthcare technology. Spearheading this funding round is Khosla Ventures, alongside notable investors such as Entrepreneur First, former NHS Chair Lord David Prior, and Eric Jang, VP of AI at 1X Technologies, who also assumes the role of Chief Scientific Advisor.

The primary focus of Tortus lies in the development of a groundbreaking generative AI platform named O.S.L.E.R., designed to serve as an invaluable assistant for medical professionals. With this fresh injection of capital, the company aims to accelerate the enhancement and compliance of O.S.L.E.R., expanding its functionalities to encompass vital tasks like prescription ordering and diagnostic coding. By streamlining these processes, Tortus seeks to alleviate the administrative burden on clinicians, enabling them to devote more time to patient care.

Dr. Dom Pimenta, CEO of Tortus, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the company’s progress, stating, “We created O.S.L.E.R. to free clinicians from their keyboards and the burden of administrative tasks. The technology delivers an immediate improvement to the engagement between a clinician and patient, which is the foundation of every healthcare system.”

The O.S.L.E.R. platform operates as a co-pilot for healthcare professionals, harnessing the power of AI to enhance clinical efficiency while mitigating the risk of human error. Through its innovative features, O.S.L.E.R. empowers clinicians to reclaim approximately 25% more clinic time and significantly improve documentation quality. Moreover, it fosters a patient-centric approach by enabling clinicians to allocate their full attention to individuals under their care.

Emphasizing the commitment to privacy and security, Tortus ensures that O.S.L.E.R. adheres to stringent healthcare compliance standards, including HIPAA, DTAC, GDPR, DPST, and pending ISO27001 regulations. Furthermore, the platform boasts CyberEssentials certification, underscoring its dedication to safeguarding patient data.

O.S.L.E.R. distinguishes itself by its versatility, seamlessly integrating with various electronic health record (EHR) systems without the need for complex integrations. As a fully digital AI staff member, O.S.L.E.R. operates across multiple healthcare settings, offering a safer, faster, and more compassionate approach to patient care.

With several hospitals in the UK and the US already engaged in the development process, Tortus invites healthcare professionals to join the waitlist for the January 2024 release of O.S.L.E.R., facilitating widespread adoption and transformation within the healthcare landscape.

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