ScaleOps Secures $21.5M to Revolutionize Cloud Resource Management


In a recent funding announcement, Israeli startup ScaleOps revealed it has raised a substantial $21.5 million, with Lightspeed Venture Partners, NFX, and Glilot Capital Partners leading the Series A and Seed funding rounds. ScaleOps, specializing in cloud resource management, boasts a platform designed to bring about fully automated cloud-native resource orchestration.

This funding marks a significant milestone for the company, following a previous $6.5 million seed funding round. The funds are expected to propel ScaleOps into global expansion, particularly targeting the US and Europe.

ScaleOps’ groundbreaking platform operates on the premise of fully automating production environments, promising up to 80% cost savings in cloud expenditures and optimizing application performance. With a team of 30, including 25 based in Israel, ScaleOps has quickly become a key player in the industry.

Yodar Shafrir, ScaleOps’ CEO, emphasized the platform’s ability to adapt to the evolving demands of cloud-native and Kubernetes environments, offering a solution to the complexity and tedium associated with their management. The platform, installed in just two minutes on any cloud provider, introduces a dynamic allocation of resources, moving away from static configurations and manual adjustments.

“In production environments, each container requires a different scaling strategy,” explained Shafrir. “Experienced engineers spend hours trying to predict demand, running load tests, and tweaking configuration files for every single container. It’s impossible to manage this at scale. We realized there’s a huge need for a context-aware platform that can optimize these constantly changing environments automatically, adapting to changes in demand in real-time.”

ScaleOps’ context-aware approach leverages artificial intelligence, ensuring that the platform autonomously handles resource management for engineers. This not only reduces infrastructure costs but also enhances overall performance.

The startup, founded in 2022, has already established itself globally, managing production environments for industry leaders such as Wiz, PayU, Orca Security, and RTL. The platform’s application scaling aligns with real-time demand, and its dynamic allocation of resources optimizes containers, resulting in significant cost reductions.

The successful funding rounds, coupled with ScaleOps’ commitment to innovation and automation, position the company at the forefront of cloud resource management, ushering in a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness for organizations worldwide.

Check out the official update here.

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