TomTom and Microsoft Unveil Next-Gen AI-Enhanced Driving Companion

TomTom and Microsoft Unveil Next-Gen AI-Enhanced Driving Companion

In a groundbreaking partnership, TomTom, renowned for its GPS platforms, has joined forces with Microsoft to introduce a cutting-edge AI-powered conversational assistant designed for automobiles. This innovative assistant is set to redefine the driving experience, providing users with a seamlessly integrated and fully conversational interface.

TomTom’s ambitious claims for this AI include delivering “more sophisticated voice interaction” to enable users to engage in natural conversations while driving. From navigation and location searches to controlling onboard systems and even opening windows, the AI aims to assist drivers in various tasks, enhancing both convenience and safety on the road.

Leveraging the power of OpenAI’s large language models and incorporating Microsoft products such as Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services, this AI assistant is expected to be a highly capable and advanced addition to in-car technologies. Cosmos DB, a multi-model database, and Cognitive Services, a set of APIs for AI applications, contribute to the assistant’s robust capabilities, drawing from the latest advancements in technology.

TomTom assures that this voice assistant will seamlessly integrate into a variety of interfaces provided by major automobile manufacturers. Notably, the branding ownership will remain with the auto companies, potentially leading to widespread adoption across various car brands. Although specific partnerships with vehicle manufacturers are yet to be officially announced, the technology is set to be integrated into TomTom’s proprietary Digital Cockpit—an open and modular in-vehicle infotainment platform.

While not the first attempt to incorporate large language models into automobiles, TomTom’s collaboration with Microsoft distinguishes itself by promising a more advanced and natural conversational experience. Earlier initiatives, like Mercedes’ beta program integrating ChatGPT models, also relied on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service. TomTom will unveil this groundbreaking AI assistant at CES in January, offering a closer look at its functionality and potential impact on the driving landscape.

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