Microsoft’s Copilot and Suno Revolutionize Song Creation with AI Integration

Microsoft Tests Automatic Launch of Copilot AI on Widescreen Windows 11 Devices

In an exciting development, Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Copilot, has joined forces with Suno, a GenAI music app, to introduce a groundbreaking music creation feature. This collaboration allows users to transform simple text prompts into complete songs, including lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices.

By leveraging the Suno integration, users can now instruct Copilot with prompts like “Create a pop song about adventures with your family,” and witness Suno, through a plug-in, bring their musical ideas to life. The process is user-friendly, making music creation accessible to everyone, regardless of their musical background.

To access this feature, Copilot users can launch Microsoft Edge, visit Copilot.Microsoft.com, log in with their Microsoft account, and enable the Suno plug-in or simply click on the Suno logo labeled “Make music with Suno.”


Microsoft emphasizes the potential for creativity and fun, envisioning this partnership as a gateway to new horizons in music creation. This experience is set to roll out gradually to users in the coming weeks.

While similar ventures by tech giants and startups are becoming more prevalent, with Google and Meta exploring GenAI-driven music tools, ethical and legal concerns loom over AI-synthesized music. The algorithms powering these tools often learn from existing music, raising questions about consent, compensation for artists, and intellectual property rights.

Suno, in particular, has taken a distinctive approach by not disclosing the source of its AI training data on its website. Unlike some competitors, it does not block users from entering prompts like “in the style of [artist].” While issues of usage rights and legal implications continue to be debated, the music landscape is evolving with AI-generated compositions going viral.


This collaborative venture between Copilot and Suno marks a significant step in the democratization of music creation, allowing users to explore their musical ideas effortlessly. As AI continues to reshape the boundaries of creative expression, the partnership offers a glimpse into the future of accessible and innovative songwriting.

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