Openprise Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding to Drive RevOps Innovation

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Openprise, a company based in San Mateo, California, specializing in revenue operations (RevOps) data automation, has successfully secured $25 million in Series B funding. The investment round was led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital.

With this new infusion of capital, Openprise plans to solidify its position as a leader in the RevOps market by expanding its product roadmap, enhancing talent acquisition efforts, and boosting sales and marketing initiatives. The company aims to invest in critical go-to-market (GTM) strategies and customer success programs to drive further growth and innovation.

Under the leadership of CEO and Founder Ed King, Openprise has distinguished itself by offering end-to-end RevOps data automation solutions tailored for non-programmers. Their cloud-based platform facilitates the integration and unification of disparate data sources, enabling companies to automate key go-to-market processes seamlessly.

Openprise’s platform serves as a bridge between marketing, sales, and customer success teams, streamlining operations and fostering revenue growth. It has garnered recognition from industry leaders such as Clari, Okta, Zendesk, and Zscaler, who leverage Openprise and its partner ecosystem to gain a competitive edge in the market.

The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its comprehensive suite of RevOps data automation solutions, which empower organizations to convert RevOps from a transactional to a transformational function. From data unification and quality standardization to enrichment and governance, Openprise offers a range of tools designed to optimize the entire revenue cycle.

For marketing operations, Openprise accelerates funnel conversions by providing insights into prospects and facilitating segmentation, list loading, campaign attribution, and more. Sales operations benefit from tools that optimize pipeline management, including account hierarchy, segmentation, assignment, and territory administration.

Openprise addresses the challenges posed by the proliferation of data silos, offering a no-code solution that simplifies data orchestration and process automation. By unifying funnels and activating the RevTech stack, the company enables organizations to scale their operations and capitalize on revenue opportunities more efficiently.

Designed for operations builders, Openprise provides a versatile platform that empowers users to customize their RevOps models without the need for extensive programming knowledge. With hundreds of pre-built integrations and a dedicated RevOps Sandbox for testing and iteration, Openprise aims to be the go-to solution for organizations seeking to optimize their revenue engines.

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