Cycode Expands ASPM Platform with Acquisition of Bearer

Cycode Expands ASPM Platform with Acquisition of Bearer

Cycode, a San Francisco-based company specializing in application security posture management (ASPM), has recently announced its acquisition of Bearer, a provider of AI-powered SAST, API discovery, and data leak protection solutions based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The acquisition, whose financial details were not disclosed, is aimed at bolstering Cycode’s existing offerings while introducing new capabilities to its ASPM platform. Led by Guillaume Montard, Bearer delivers AI-powered SAST, API discovery, and data leak protection solutions, all integrated into a single platform.

Cycode, under the leadership of CEO Lior Levy, is renowned for providing peace of mind to its customers through its complete ASPM platform. The platform ensures developer security without hindering business operations, allowing for the delivery of safe code at a faster pace. Cycode’s ASPM platform is designed to replace or integrate with existing application security testing tools, providing cyber resiliency through visibility, risk-driven prioritization, and just-in-time remediation of code vulnerabilities at scale.

Commenting on the acquisition, Lior Levy expressed his excitement, stating, “Integrating Bearer’s modern SAST, API discovery, and data leak protection technology into our platform is more than an enhancement; we’re providing the easiest way in the market for security teams and developers to interact together and work through security vulnerabilities.”

With the integration of Bearer’s technology, Cycode aims to enhance its ASPM platform by offering faster scanning speeds, more precise findings, and an improved developer experience. The addition of AI-powered code resolution, data leak protection, advanced API discovery, and enriched risk intelligence capabilities further strengthens Cycode’s position in the market.

Cycode’s commitment to delivering high-quality ASPM solutions is evident through its strategic expansion and investment in proprietary scanning capabilities. By providing both speed and accuracy in vulnerability detection, Cycode ensures that security teams can focus on addressing critical issues promptly, while developers can continue shipping with velocity.

Cycode emphasizes the importance of collaboration between security and development teams, envisioning security as a team sport. Through its enhanced platform, Cycode aims to facilitate seamless cooperation between these teams, ultimately reducing organizational risk and providing customers with peace of mind.

For organizations seeking to bolster their application security posture with extended SAST and API coverage, Cycode offers a comprehensive solution. With its ASPM platform, Cycode enables enterprises to protect their cloud-native applications, ensuring governance, compliance, and software supply chain integrity with every software release.

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