Stability AI Launches Membership Program to Democratize AI Models

Stability AI Revolutionizes AI Landscape with Compact and Powerful Models

Stability AI, a leading player in the generative AI landscape, has introduced its much-anticipated Stability AI Membership, signaling a new chapter in its journey of innovation. The membership structure, launched amid financial considerations, offers a range of tiers designed to cater to diverse user needs, from individual enthusiasts to Fortune 500 companies.

This comprehensive membership program consists of three tiers, each tailored to meet specific user requirements:

  1. Non-Commercial Tier: Free Access
    • This tier caters to personal and research use, providing free access to Stability AI’s complete suite of core models.
    • Aimed at fostering innovation and exploration, it allows users to experiment with generative AI technology.
  2. Professional Tier: $20 per Month
    • Geared towards creators, developers, and startups, the Professional tier is priced at $20 per month.
    • Users in this tier gain self-hosted, commercial usage of core models, along with access to an exclusive Discord community.
    • Special discounts are available for those facing financial constraints, reflecting Stability AI’s commitment to accessibility.
  3. Enterprise Tier: Custom Pricing
    • Tailored for larger organizations, the Enterprise tier encompasses benefits from the Professional tier.
    • Additionally, it offers the option to incorporate extra enterprise features, such as support and solutions engineering, with custom pricing.

Moving beyond its traditional approach of providing many models for free, Stability AI aims to standardize how its models can be utilized for commercial purposes. This shift supports broader enterprise deployments and encourages other companies to build businesses on the foundation of Stability AI’s models.

The membership structure includes a Professional tier priced at $20 a month and an Enterprise tier with custom pricing for larger organizations. Despite this evolution, Stability AI remains committed to openness, with code and weights accessible across all membership tiers, echoing the approach of Meta Llama model.

Emad Mostaque, Founder and CEO of Stability AI, emphasizes the company’s dedication to open models. He states, “The code and weights will continue to be available for all tiers of our membership, including commercial and non-commercial usage.”

Stability AI’s models, previously available through various channels, are now streamlined for self-hosted applications, offering users full control of data and products within their environment. This marks a departure from consumer-facing applications like Clipdrop, providing users with a more controlled and versatile experience.

With the membership approach, existing usage remains unchanged, ensuring a seamless transition for users. New users will now need a membership for both commercial and non-commercial use, reflecting Stability AI’s evolving business strategy.

In tandem with this membership launch, Stability AI continues to release innovative models. Recent additions include SDXL Turbo, StableLM Zephyr 3B, Stable Audio, Stable Video, and StableCode. The company envisions 2023 as the year of generative media, building upon the successes of language models in the previous year.

The membership program reflects Stability AI’s commitment to making state-of-the-art generative AI technology accessible while ensuring affordability. It not only addresses the needs of individual enthusiasts but also accommodates creators, developers, startups, and larger enterprises.

As Stability AI embarks on this new phase, the membership model is anticipated to become a solid revenue base, catering to a growing interest in generative AI across diverse business landscapes. The company remains steadfast in its mission to foster creativity and innovation through open and accessible technological advancements.

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