IBM HR Chief Nickle LaMoreaux Discusses AI’s Role in Job Evolution

IBM HR Chief Nickle LaMoreaux Discusses AI's Role in Job Evolution

In a recent exclusive interview with Moneycontrol, Nickle LaMoreaux, Chief Human Resources Officer at IBM, sheds light on the evolving landscape of employment in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). Contrary to concerns about job displacement, LaMoreaux emphasizes that AI is poised to enhance and reshape roles rather than replace them.

Acknowledging previous statements by IBM’s CEO Arvind Krishna about potential AI-related hiring pauses, LaMoreaux clarifies that only a small fraction of jobs, approximately 2%, may be impacted directly. She asserts, “I think there are very few jobs that are going to be completely replaced by AI; very few jobs. I also believe that there are going to be very few jobs that will be totally brand new.”

The heart of the matter, according to LaMoreaux, lies in the transformation of the remaining 96% of jobs. While some roles may undergo changes, the focus is on adapting and utilizing AI as a supplementary tool rather than a replacement technology. “The bigger challenge for all of us is the 96% of jobs in the middle that are going to change. They are still going to exist, but how we do them will be completely different. I think the narrative is going wrong because people are talking about AI as a replacement technology—it’s really a supplement,” she elaborates.

Highlighting IBM’s commitment to nurturing talent and adapting to the evolving workforce, LaMoreaux discusses the company’s vision for the future. She underscores India’s pivotal role in IBM’s global workforce, with nearly one-third of employees based in the country. The emphasis on skills, especially in the field of AI, is a key factor in IBM’s hiring strategy.

LaMoreaux stresses the importance of skill-based hiring, particularly in the context of AI. IBM aims to equip 100% of its employees with AI understanding, recognizing the transformative impact of AI on various job roles. “Because it’s going to transform all of our jobs,” she notes.

Discussing the Indian perspective, LaMoreaux commends the country’s unique position due to its population demographics and the substantial investment in skill development. IBM envisions sustained growth, fueled by skill-based hiring and a focus on technical talent.

In conclusion, LaMoreaux remains optimistic about the future, emphasizing the need for adaptability and a focus on skills in navigating the evolving landscape shaped by AI. The narrative, she suggests, should shift from fear of job displacement to embracing the opportunities presented by AI in fostering a workforce that can thrive in a dynamically changing environment.

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