GitHub Unleashes Copilot Chat: Your Personal AI Coding Assistant

GitHub Unleashes Copilot Chat: Your Personal AI Coding Assistant

GitHub Copilot Chat, the innovative natural language-powered coding feature, is now widely accessible for both individuals and organizations. An integral part of GitHub Copilot’s evolution, Copilot Chat ushers in a new era where natural language becomes the universal programming language.

The announcement, made at GitHub Universe, positions GitHub Copilot as the leading AI-powered developer platform globally. GitHub Copilot Chat, powered by GPT-4, is a contextual AI assistant tailor-made for developers. It goes beyond the realm of traditional code completion capabilities, offering real-time guidance in response to prompts given in various natural languages.

Now available for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio, GitHub Copilot Chat is seamlessly integrated into all GitHub Copilot plans at no extra cost. Verified teachers, students, and maintainers of open source projects can also access Copilot Chat free of charge.

Developers can leverage Copilot Chat’s capabilities, ranging from explaining intricate coding concepts to identifying security vulnerabilities and crafting unit tests. The AI assistant is designed to align with individual coding practices, offering a personalized experience for each developer.

Enterprise and organization administrators can empower their development teams with Copilot Chat by enabling the feature in the settings. For those who participated in the beta phase or have already granted access to their teams, no additional steps are needed.

GitHub envisions Copilot Chat as a catalyst for innovation, allowing developers to create better and more secure software seamlessly. As developers explore this groundbreaking tool, GitHub provides a guide for getting started with GitHub Copilot Chat, anticipating the diverse and exciting projects developers will build using this revolutionary AI technology. 🚀

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