Graide Secures £1.6 Million Funding to Enhance Education with AI

Graide Secures £1.6 Million Funding to Enhance Education with AI

Graide, an AI and machine learning platform catering to educators, has recently clinched £1.6M in funding, marking a significant stride in its expansion efforts.

Based in Birmingham, UK, Graide’s latest funding round, which saw the participation of XTX Ventures alongside existing investors Mercia Ventures and the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, among others, has elevated its total funding to £2.5M. This financial boost comes as the company eyes expansion not only within the UK but also in untapped territories like the US and Canada.

Founded by Robert Stanyon, Manjinder Kainth, and George Bartlett, Graide’s innovative approach revolves around leveraging AI and machine learning to streamline the grading process for teachers while offering comprehensive feedback to students. Originally tailored for grading mathematics, physics, and chemistry assignments, Graide has evolved its platform to encompass essays and reports across all subjects. Moreover, the company is actively involved in combating academic dishonesty by employing AI to detect instances of students utilizing technology to produce essays.

The impact of Graide’s platform extends beyond traditional classrooms, with universities such as Birmingham, Durham, Huddersfield, and Sussex integrating its services. Additionally, the company has conducted successful pilot projects in the US, underscoring its global appeal and efficacy.

CEO Manjinder Kainth emphasized Graide’s commitment to transparent and explainable AI, asserting its relevance in today’s educational landscape. He highlighted the platform’s versatility, catering to educational institutions ranging from schools to universities, thereby alleviating the burden on teachers and enhancing efficiency.

Graide’s suite of offerings includes an end-to-end assessment and feedback platform, empowering educators to deliver assignments seamlessly while gaining valuable insights into student performance. With features like AI-assisted grading, comprehensive feedback mechanisms, and a user-friendly interface, Graide is revolutionizing the educational experience for both teachers and students.

In a statement, Kainth expressed the company’s enthusiasm in welcoming XTX Ventures as a strategic investor, citing their extensive experience in AI and machine learning as pivotal to Graide’s future endeavors.

As Graide continues to chart new territories and redefine educational paradigms, its latest funding milestone underscores the growing significance of AI and machine learning in optimizing learning outcomes and fostering academic excellence.

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