Enkrypt AI Secures $2.35 Million Investment for AI Security Solutions

Enkrypt AI Secures $2.35 Million Investment for AI Security Solutions

Boston-based Enkrypt AI, led by CEO Sahil Agarwal and CTO Prashanth Harshangi, has successfully raised $2.35 million in funding. This investment, spearheaded by Boldcap and joined by prominent names such as Berkeley SkyDeck, Kubera VC, Arka VC, Veredas Partners, Builders Fund, and several angel investors, aims to bolster the company’s efforts in fortifying the adoption of Generative AI within enterprises.

Generative AI, coupled with large language models (LLMs), offers immense potential for businesses seeking to enhance efficiencies and functionality. However, concerns surrounding the safety, security, and compliance of these technologies persist. Enkrypt AI addresses these apprehensions head-on by providing a comprehensive security layer for Generative AI applications.

Enkrypt AI’s flagship offering, Sentry, serves as a control interface between LLMs and end-users, ensuring robust security measures are in place. By leveraging Sentry, enterprises can mitigate risks associated with vulnerabilities and safeguard against threats such as jailbreaks and data leaks.

Moreover, Enkrypt AI’s innovative approach has garnered attention from industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies. By offering unparalleled visibility and oversight of LLM usage, ensuring data privacy, and facilitating compliance with evolving standards, Enkrypt AI accelerates the adoption of Generative AI by up to tenfold.

Sahil Agarwal emphasizes the importance of building trust and confidence in AI technologies, stating, “For LLMs to be widely adopted, it must be built on a foundation of security, privacy, and compliance.” Prashanth Harshangi echoes this sentiment, highlighting the platform’s role in equipping developers with the tools necessary to fortify AI solutions against emerging threats.

The significance of AI safety has not gone unnoticed by policymakers and experts, with initiatives such as the US Government’s NIST standards body establishing an AI safety consortium. In light of these developments, Enkrypt AI’s mission to provide enterprises with secure and compliant AI solutions aligns perfectly with industry needs.

Sathya Nellore Sampat, General Partner at BoldCap, expresses enthusiasm for supporting Enkrypt AI’s endeavors, emphasizing the critical nature of enterprise security amidst the rapid proliferation of Generative AI and LLM usage.

With Enkrypt AI at the helm, enterprises can embrace the transformative power of AI technologies while upholding the highest standards of security and compliance. As businesses navigate the complexities of an AI-driven landscape, Enkrypt AI stands as a beacon of trust and innovation, paving the way for responsible AI integration.

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