Evergrowth Secures $2.2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding to Boost AI-Powered B2B Sales Platform

Evergrowth Secures $2.2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding to Boost AI-Powered B2B Sales Platform

Evergrowth, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, has successfully secured $2.2 million in Pre-Seed funding to bolster its AI-driven B2B account-based sales platform. The funding round was spearheaded by Impellent Ventures and Practica Capital.

This injection of capital is earmarked for expanding operations and intensifying development endeavors at Evergrowth. Co-founded by JB Daguené, Mantas Urnieza, Tadas Cekavicius, Aivaras Rastenis, and Algimantas Padegimas, the company is on a mission to revolutionize B2B sales strategies through innovative technologies.

The core of Evergrowth’s offering lies in its sophisticated sales platform, which harnesses AI-powered insights to craft customer-centric sales frameworks. These frameworks empower B2B enterprises to foster client engagement through meticulously designed account-based strategies. By leveraging Evergrowth’s system, sales teams can efficiently capture, recycle, and expand their total addressable market (TAM), thereby enhancing customer interactions with personalized, data-driven approaches.

The company’s presence isn’t confined to Lithuania alone, with additional offices situated in New York City, USA. Evergrowth has already made significant strides, projecting to achieve a remarkable $500,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR) within just three months of launching its minimum viable product (MVP).

Evergrowth’s innovative approach to account-based selling has garnered attention, particularly its playbooks designed to secure deals ranging from five to seven figures. These playbooks are meticulously crafted to assist B2B enterprises in cultivating sustainable revenue growth. By focusing on acquiring high-value clients, Evergrowth enables sales teams to reach their full revenue potential.

The company’s offerings encompass various dimensions crucial for effective sales execution, including sales positioning, tools, sales enablement, specialized sales teams, CRM data hygiene, and data-driven reporting. Through comprehensive research, Evergrowth transforms insights gleaned from collaborating with over 100 B2B companies into actionable frameworks and benchmarks, accelerating the path to success.

Moreover, Evergrowth aids in implementing the requisite technology and reporting infrastructure essential for precise program measurement, thereby facilitating swift decision-making. Its seasoned team further advances revenue programs by leveraging standardized, objective data alongside the company’s six-dimensional account-based sales framework.

As Evergrowth continues to integrate proven revenue programs into organizations, it prioritizes empowering teams through training, ensuring optimized execution and confident pipeline delivery. With its recent funding boost, Evergrowth is poised to scale new heights in the realm of AI-powered B2B sales solutions, promising a future marked by sustained growth and innovation.

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