CAMB.AI Enhances Global Content Accessibility with $4M Seed Funding

CAMB.AI Enhances Global Content Accessibility with $4M Seed Funding

CAMB.AI, a speech AI company headquartered in New York City, has successfully raised $4 million in Seed funding, marking a significant milestone in its efforts to improve content localization and accessibility worldwide.

Led by Courtside Ventures, the funding round also saw participation from TRTL Ventures, Blue Star Innovation Partners, Ikemori Ventures, and Eisaburo Maeda, underscoring investor confidence in CAMB.AI’s innovative approach to language translation and dubbing technology.

Founded by Avneesh Prakash, CEO, and Akshat Prakash, CTO, CAMB.AI specializes in advanced AI research in speech and translation, boasting a five-year foundation in the field. The company offers a zero-shot AI Dubbing platform capable of delivering content translation in over 120 languages, catering to a diverse range of industries including media, sports, and education.

CAMB.AI’s clientele includes Major League Soccer, Tennis Australia, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, along with individual creators such as celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni and YouTuber Narin Beauty. With over 100 million views of its dubbed content, the company has already made significant strides in expanding its reach and impact.

The recent funding will further fuel CAMB.AI’s mission to break down language barriers and facilitate universal content relatability. Notable applications of its technology include the dubbing of interviews and match footage at the 2024 Australian Open tennis tournament, as well as its collaboration with Emirati director Nayla Al Khaja for the multilingual feature film “Three.”

Avneesh Prakash expressed gratitude for the support from investors, emphasizing the company’s commitment to advancing content accessibility without exaggerating the achievements or overstating future prospects. CAMB.AI aims to utilize the funding to continue its development efforts and expand its global presence, contributing to a more inclusive digital landscape for audiences worldwide.

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