Atlas Secures $4.5M Grant to Drive 3D AI Innovations

Atlas Secures $4.5M Grant to Drive 3D AI Innovations

Vienna-based tech firm, Atlas, is celebrating a significant milestone as it secures a $4.5 million grant from Austria’s FFG (The Austrian Research Promotion Agency), aimed at fueling its pioneering work in 3D artificial intelligence (AI) and asset creation. This grant, distributed over three years, marks a strategic investment in Atlas’s vision to revolutionize the gaming and virtual experiences landscape while upholding ethical AI practices.

Led by CEO and Founder Ben James, Atlas has been at the forefront of genAI and 3D asset creation, offering cutting-edge solutions to game developers and brands worldwide. This substantial funding injection is set to turbocharge Atlas’s research and development endeavors, fostering innovation and strategic partnerships to drive the evolution of virtual worlds and gaming experiences.

The grant, part of FFG’s Accelerator program, reflects confidence in Atlas’s capacity to spearhead transformative advancements in 3D generative AI. It will be released progressively, with an initial disbursement of $608,000 in 2024, followed by up to $2.3 million in 2025 and concluding with $1.6 million in 2026, contingent upon the achievement of predefined milestones.

“Receiving this grant signifies trust and belief in Atlas’s 3D generative AI innovation, not just as a participant in the space, but as the leader,” said Ben James, expressing his excitement about the funding. “As we chart an exciting path forward, we remain relentless in our dedication to push the boundaries of what’s possible when technology and creativity converge.”

Atlas’s commitment to ethical AI practices has been a cornerstone of its operations. Aligning seamlessly with the European Union’s standards for Trustworthy AI, the company prioritizes transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in all its endeavors. This ethos has not only garnered support from regulatory bodies but also solidified Atlas’s position as a trusted partner in the realm of AI-driven technologies.

With a track record of success, including a recent $6 million fundraising round and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Atlas is poised for exponential growth. The company’s collaborations with AAA studios and immersive design firms underscore its increasing influence in shaping the future of gaming and virtual realities.

As gaming continues to evolve rapidly, Atlas remains committed to empowering its partners with the tools to create highly customizable and dynamic virtual experiences. Leveraging its suite of AI products, Atlas enables the generation of custom assets for video games, virtual ecosystems, and extended reality (XR) applications, all while upholding the highest standards of data integrity and ethical AI practices.

In summary, the $4.5 million grant from FFG not only represents a significant financial boost for Atlas but also reaffirms its position as a leader in 3D generative AI and virtual world creation. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and ethical responsibility, Atlas is poised to reshape the future of gaming and immersive experiences on a global scale.

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