AI.Fashion Secures $3.6 Million in Seed Funding for Innovative Fashion AI Technology

AI.Fashion Secures $3.6 Million in Seed Funding for Innovative Fashion AI Technology

Los Angeles-based AI.Fashion has successfully secured $3.6 million in seed funding, with Neo leading the investment round. This company, which stands at the forefront of AI technology in the fashion industry, has also introduced its latest groundbreaking innovation, Persona by AI.Fashion, through early access launch.

Founded in 2023 by a team of experts hailing from Google, Microsoft, and MIT, and helmed by CEO Daniel Citron, AI.Fashion specializes in virtual photoshoots, advanced design and image customization, and real-time interactions, all powered by its proprietary AI technology.

Persona by AI.Fashion, developed with cutting-edge AI capabilities, aims to prioritize human talent and creativity within the fashion realm. This platform enables brands to conduct virtual photoshoots featuring their models, allowing them to showcase their clothing in various settings, from studios to editorial environments, while customizing the image aesthetics to align perfectly with their brand identity. Access to the model platform and images on Persona by AI.Fashion is exclusive to approved and registered brands. Models have the autonomy to set their rates and receive compensation for each use of their photos, with both models and brands opting in to collaborate.

Explaining the rationale behind Persona, AI.Fashion emphasizes the enduring value of human presence, expression, and authenticity in the fashion landscape. In an era marked by digitalization and AI dominance, the platform remains committed to preserving the essence of real models, recognizing their unique qualities and personal narratives as integral to bringing fashion to life.

AI.Fashion emphasizes a synergy between human talent and AI technology, aiming to enhance, rather than replace, the role of models in the industry. By leveraging advanced AI while honoring the authenticity of human models, the company seeks to elevate the fashion experience. Through Persona by AI.Fashion, both models and brands are empowered to explore new realms of creativity and expression, ensuring that the human touch remains central to every campaign.

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