Unlearn Secures $50 Million in Series C Funding to Advance Clinical Trials

Unlearn Secures $50 Million in Series C Funding to Advance Clinical Trials

Unlearn, a San Francisco-based AI company specializing in digital twins for clinical trial participants, has successfully raised $50 million in Series C funding. Led by Altimeter Capital, this investment aims to support Unlearn’s efforts to enhance medical research by leveraging artificial intelligence to minimize trial and error in medicine.

Established in 2017, Unlearn has been actively developing AI solutions for clinical trials. With total funding now exceeding $130 million, the company aims to address key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, including lengthy trial timelines, slow enrollment rates, and patient reluctance to participate in placebo-controlled studies.

Unlearn’s technology revolves around the creation of digital twins—AI-generated models predicting individual patient health outcomes under different treatment scenarios. By generating digital twins for each trial participant before assigning them to experimental or control groups, Unlearn facilitates more efficient trials, known as TwinRCTs™, which require smaller control groups and allow more patients to receive active treatment.

Charles Fisher, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Unlearn, stressed the importance of this funding round, stating, “Breaking down these barriers and proving the value of digital twin technology continues to be a primary focus for us at Unlearn.” He further added, “This round of financing will enable us to expand our team and capabilities into more therapeutic areas, further validating our approach.”

Moreover, Unlearn has prioritized regulatory compliance since its inception, collaborating with industry experts to ensure alignment with global regulations. The company has received qualifications from regulatory bodies such as the European Medicines Agency and garnered agreement from the US FDA, validating the integrity of its methodology.

In light of this funding round, Unlearn remains committed to forging partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and academic institutions to streamline and optimize clinical trials. By harnessing the power of AI and digital twins, Unlearn aims to advance medical research without undue exaggeration, ultimately improving patient outcomes worldwide.

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