Shader Secures $580K Investment to Propel AI-driven Real-time Camera App

Shader Secures $580K Investment to Propel AI-driven Real-time Camera App

San Francisco-based startup Shader has recently made headlines with its AI-powered real-time camera app, securing a substantial $580K investment from prominent backers including Betaworks, Greycroft, Differential Ventures, Mozilla Ventures, and On Deck. Founded in 2022 by Darya Sesitskaya, the company aims to revolutionize the landscape of Augmented Reality (AR) content creation.

The traditional process of generating personalized AR assets has long been reserved for individuals with specialized coding skills and experience in 3D modeling, texturing, and animation. However, Shader’s innovative approach eliminates this barrier, introducing Text-to-AR effects seamlessly through its user-friendly platform.

The brainchild of former Snap design lead Darya Sesitskaya, Shader’s real-time camera app integrates text-to-AR effects effortlessly, allowing users to create custom effects, masks, and lenses without the need for coding skills. This transformative technology, developed by a team comprising experts from Snap, Blizzard, and Oxford PhDs, marks a significant advancement in the realm of AR.

The app’s cross-platform functionality enables users to share their creations simultaneously across popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, unlocking new possibilities for the vast community of content creators. With a focus on user-friendly design principles, Shader aims to empower its users, prioritizing accessibility and ease of use.

Shader’s recent introduction of a web version further extends the reach of its technology, ensuring seamless integration across various platforms and devices. This move opens avenues for Shader AI to be incorporated into video calling or streaming platforms, enhancing its impact and accessibility.

Speaking about Shader’s vision for the future, Founder and CEO Darya Sesitskaya emphasized the company’s commitment to making AR/AI effects accessible to everyone. With plans to expand into various social face filters, including background, clothes, and hair, Shader aims to unlock new possibilities for the growing community of content creators.

As Shader continues to thrive in the dynamic creator economy, the platform emerges as a catalyst for innovation and self-expression. With the release of its AI-powered real-time camera app, Shader sets the stage for a new era of immersive and personalized content creation, bridging the gap between AI and AR technologies.

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