Recogni Secures $102 Million in Series C Funding to Propel Next-Gen AI Inference System

Recogni Secures $102 Million in Series C Funding to Propel Next-Gen AI Inference System

Recogni, a leading AI-based computing company headquartered in San Jose, CA, has successfully raised $102 million in its Series C funding round. This significant investment, co-led by Celesta Capital and GreatPoint Ventures, marks a pivotal moment in Recogni’s journey toward advancing AI inference systems, particularly in the realms of Generative AI and intelligent autonomy.

Joining the funding round are existing investors Mayfield, DNS Capital, BMW i Ventures, and SW Mobility Fund, alongside new backers Pledge Ventures and Tasaru Mobility Investments, with debt support from HSBC Innovation Banking. The infusion of capital is earmarked to fuel the development of next-generation systems tailored for AI inference solutions, with a strategic focus on enhancing performance, energy efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Marc Bolitho, CEO of Recogni, underscores the pressing need to bridge the widening gap between the burgeoning complexity of AI models and the relatively slower progress in computing capabilities. Bolitho states, “The critical need for solutions that directly address the key challenges in AI inference processing—compute capability, scalability, accuracy, and energy savings—is more urgent than ever.”

Recogni’s innovative approach promises to deliver a paradigm shift in AI inference processing, boasting a remarkable 10x increase in compute density, coupled with a 10x reduction in power consumption and a 13x decrease in cost per query. This revolutionary advancement is poised to unlock new horizons in AI computing across diverse sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and beyond.

Sriram Viswanathan, founding managing partner of Celesta Capital and chairman of Recogni’s Board of Directors, applauds Recogni’s groundbreaking technology for its potential to address the escalating compute demands of AI workloads efficiently. Viswanathan remarks, “Generative AI systems in the market today are highly inefficient and consume too much power… Recogni’s proven technology is raising the bar on power performance.”

Recogni’s flagship product, Recogni Scorpio, introduced in December 2022, stands as a testament to the company’s vision and prowess in breaking barriers in AI compute. Scorpio, touted as the world’s first 1000 TFLOPS (1 Peta-Flop) class inference solution at the lowest power, exemplifies Recogni’s commitment to delivering scalable performance across successive generations.

Founded in 2019, Recogni has rapidly emerged as a frontrunner in the AI landscape, with offices not only in San Jose but also in Munich, Germany. The company’s mission to revolutionize AI inference processing for enhanced efficiency and scalability underscores its dedication to driving innovation in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.

In a landscape where the demand for AI applications continues to surge, Recogni’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI inference technology holds promise for a future where intelligent autonomy and generative AI are seamlessly integrated into diverse domains, empowering industries and driving transformative change.

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