Orkes Secures $20 Million Series A Funding Round

Orkes Secures $20 Million Series A Funding Round

Cupertino-based Orkes, a leading provider of distributed systems platforms, has successfully raised $20 million in its Series A funding round, marking a significant milestone in its journey since its inception. This funding round, which comes almost two years after the company’s initial seed funding announcement, highlights Orkes’ remarkable growth trajectory and the continued relevance of the Conductor open-source community in the digital landscape.

Nexus Venture Partners spearheaded the Series A round, demonstrating confidence in Orkes’ vision and potential. Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director at Nexus Venture Partners, expressed his long-standing support for Orkes, stating, “We have known managing director Abhishek Sharma for over three years, and he has been our supporter since before Orkes began. We are thrilled that Abhishek is joining our board as part of Nexus’ investment and officially becoming involved in our course of business.”

Additionally, longstanding investors Battery Ventures and Vertex Ventures US reaffirmed their commitment to Orkes by participating in this funding round, further underscoring the company’s solid foundation and growth prospects.

Orkes has experienced substantial customer growth over the past year, attracting a diverse clientele ranging from multinational corporations like United Wholesale Mortgage and Foxtel to innovative startups like Collective. These organizations span various sectors, including banking, insurance, entertainment, media, and healthcare, highlighting the broad applicability of Orkes’ solutions.

The company’s flagship product, Orkes Conductor, has garnered widespread acclaim among businesses seeking to streamline their application development processes. Notable users include United Wholesale Mortgage, which leverages Orkes Conductor to build complex applications efficiently, and Foxtel, which utilizes the platform to enhance the development of its digital processes.

Moreover, Orkes has made significant inroads in sectors such as healthcare and insurance, where its Conductor platform is instrumental in modernizing critical operations, including machine learning pipelines and client-facing claims management processes.

Looking ahead, Orkes aims to leverage the latest funding to further enhance its product offerings and support its growing customer base. CEO Jeu George emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering customers and advancing the capabilities of the Conductor platform, stating, “This new round of funding will help us do even more to empower our customers and bring the power of Conductor to even more teams.”

As Orkes continues on its growth trajectory, the company remains dedicated to driving innovation and delivering value to its customers across industries. For businesses seeking to optimize their application infrastructure and embrace the benefits of orchestration technology, Orkes emerges as a compelling partner poised for continued success.

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