NYC Health Tech Startup Milu Health Raises $4.8M in Seed Funding

NYC Health Tech Startup Milu Health Raises $4.8M in Seed Funding

Milu Health, a New York City-based health tech company, has secured an impressive $4.8 million in Seed funding to enhance healthcare accessibility and affordability for both employees and employers.

The funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Bio + Health division (a16z), with notable participation from BoxGroup, PagsGroup, and 81 Collection, along with other investors who rallied behind the innovative healthcare platform.

Founded in 2023 by Sasha Gribov and Gautam Kumar, Milu Health has emerged as a beacon of hope in the realm of healthcare cost management. Their platform is designed to empower patients by helping them find reasonably priced healthcare providers, contest erroneous medical bills, and gain access to essential medications. Additionally, Milu Health integrates crucial information about an employer’s healthcare plan, utilizing it to effectively notify employees about existing benefits such as chronic condition management services or digital health applications.

The essence of Milu Health’s approach lies in its partnership with employers. By deploying their member-facing platform, Milu Health assists patients in significantly reducing their healthcare expenses. When patients synchronize their health record data with the platform, Milu Health’s cutting-edge technology and proficient nursing team proactively guide and support them in accessing superior quality and value-based healthcare services.

With a steadfast commitment to providing superior healthcare at lower costs, Milu Health acts as an indispensable employee benefit. By interfacing with electronic health records (EHRs) from over 40,000 healthcare institutions, the platform endeavors to identify cost-saving opportunities and facilitate superior care for its users.

How Milu Health Works:

  1. Seamless Integration: Members seamlessly connect their health charts to Milu Health, ensuring a safe, secure, and hassle-free experience akin to linking a bank account to a payments app.
  2. Data Analysis: Leveraging advanced data systems, AI algorithms, and clinical expertise, Milu Health reviews the data to pinpoint potential opportunities for members to save money or access improved care.
  3. Real-Time Notifications: Milu Health proactively sends alerts whenever a member can avail discounts on prescriptions, locate specialist doctors, save on routine medical procedures, or utilize benefits embedded within their healthcare plan.
  4. Billing Advocacy: To alleviate financial burdens, Milu Health’s tools identify inaccurately coded or overbilled medical expenses and initiate appeals on behalf of employees, ensuring fair and transparent billing practices.

Milu Health is a testament to technology’s transformative power in redefining healthcare accessibility and affordability. With their visionary approach and unwavering dedication, Milu Health is ready to shine in a new era of healthcare where superior care is not just a privilege but a fundamental right for all.

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