Larkai Healthcare Secures $500,000 to Revolutionize Healthcare Accessibility

Larkai Healthcare Secures $500,000 to Revolutionize Healthcare Accessibility

Larkai Healthcare, a dynamic med-tech company, has successfully raised $500,000 in its recent seed funding round, a venture led by prominent investors including FAAD Network, QI Ventures, RTAF, and supplemented by government grants. Founded in 2020 by Pritam Dhalla and Abhilash Chakraverty, Larkai Healthcare is at the forefront of biomedical innovation, driven by a commitment to providing advanced healthcare solutions.

The funds garnered will be instrumental in propelling technological advancements within the company, further fortifying its sales verticals through strategic investments, as outlined in a recent press release by Larkai Healthcare.

The Bhubaneswar-based company boasts a portfolio of innovative solutions, including a groundbreaking device capable of detecting early-stage heart impulse and valvular diseases in a mere 15 seconds. Additionally, Larkai Healthcare offers a smart inhaler cap designed to reduce drug wastage during asthma or pulmonary tract disorder treatments, along with a cost-effective and lightweight disinfection tunnel.

One of the company’s overarching goals is to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, making it accessible to individuals worldwide. Larkai Healthcare endeavors to bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment, ensuring instant and accurate diagnosis through its state-of-the-art AI technology.

FAAD Network, known for its investments in early-stage startups across diverse sectors and geographies, plays a pivotal role in supporting Larkai Healthcare’s vision. The network, comprising over 2,000 Angels, HNIs, and VCs, has invested in over 75 startups, emphasizing its commitment to fostering innovation.

Abhilash Chakraverty, Co-Founder and Director of Larkai Healthcare, expressed enthusiasm about the recent investment, stating, “Seizing this investment, we are poised to bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment, leveraging our global footprint and robust intellectual assets. This fuels our vision for healthcare—transcending borders, transforming lives, and setting new benchmarks in accessibility and innovation.”

With this infusion of funds, Larkai Healthcare is not only poised for significant technological strides but is also set to make substantial contributions to transforming the healthcare industry, ensuring advanced solutions are accessible and affordable on a global scale.

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