Kofax Transforms to Tungsten Automation

Kofax Transforms to Tungsten Automation

Kofax has transformed into Tungsten Automation, marking a significant shift in the company’s 40-year journey. This evolution reflects the company’s progression from a document capture pioneer to a global powerhouse in intelligent, AI-powered workflow automation solutions.

Reynolds Bish, CEO of Tungsten Automation, expressed the significance of this transformation, stating, “Tungsten Automation represents a pivotal moment in our journey as we continue to expand our portfolio of solutions and bring the latest technological innovations to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.”

The new name signifies the company’s commitment to reliability, innovation, and staying at the forefront of intelligent automation. Tungsten Automation, with over 2,200 employees across 32 countries, is dedicated to helping businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs through its Gen-AI-powered workflow automation solutions.

Bish emphasized the promise encapsulated in the name, stating, “Choosing Tungsten Automation as our new name means embracing a promise of enduring reliability, innovations recognized by leading industry analysts, and a commitment to success in the dynamic world of intelligent automation.”

This rebranding enhances Tungsten Automation’s leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities, adding value to solutions like traditional invoice processing, e-invoicing, and automating accounts payable processes. The company’s expansion into a truly global entity solidifies its position with a rich partner ecosystem and a clientele of over 25,000 customers.

Despite the change, Tungsten Automation reassures its nearly 25,000 customers that its commitment to delivering market-leading solutions, unmatched efficiencies, and cost savings remains unwavering. The transition will be gradual, with the new name appearing across communications, marketing materials, and digital platforms in the coming months.

Tungsten Automation also addresses key questions regarding the rebrand, emphasizing that the decision to change the name aligns with the company’s growth and evolving identity. The name Tungsten, known for its strength and resilience, symbolizes the robust and trusted solutions offered, while automation highlights the core business of streamlining complex workflows through intelligent technology.

The company’s new mission is to revolutionize business-critical workflows with innovative AI-powered automation solutions. Tungsten Automation aims to elevate the efficiency of data-intensive processes, empowering businesses to focus on growth and success.

Customers can anticipate heightened capabilities in AI, leading intelligent document processing, streamlined AP and invoice automation, and cutting-edge document automation and security solutions. Tungsten Automation remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that positive contributions to society and the environment continue to be at the forefront of their partnership.

The various mergers and acquisitions, including Atalasoft, Printix, Ephesoft, Readsoft, and Tungsten Network, will continue to function under the new brand, providing a comprehensive suite of scalable automation tools. Tungsten Network Corporation, acquired in 2022, remains an integral part of the company’s product offerings under the Tungsten Automation brand, ensuring continuity in relationships and ownership.

As Tungsten Automation steps into this new era, the company envisions a future where businesses thrive through resilient, innovative, and dependable intelligent automation solutions.

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