Highway 9 Networks Secures $25M Funding to Launch Industry-First Mobile Cloud for Enterprises

Highway 9 Networks Secures $25 Million Funding to Launch Industry-First Mobile Cloud for Enterprises

Highway 9 Networks, a provider of cloud-native mobility solutions for AI-driven enterprises, has successfully raised $25 million in funding. The investment round was led by prominent backers including Mayfield, General Catalyst, and Detroit Ventures, underscoring the substantial market demand for innovative mobile networking solutions.

The funding announcement coincides with Highway 9 Networks emerging from stealth mode, unveiling the industry’s inaugural mobile cloud tailored specifically for enterprise needs. Spearheaded by Allwyn Sequeira, the company’s Founder and CEO, Highway 9 Networks aims to revolutionize mobile connectivity with its groundbreaking approach.

Highway 9 Networks’ Mobile Cloud addresses the pressing requirements of modern enterprises, offering seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure and security policies. By harnessing the power of private cellular technology alongside a cloud-native platform, the Highway 9 Mobile Cloud ensures ubiquitous coverage and dynamic connectivity for a wide array of AI-driven applications and devices.

Commenting on the milestone, Allwyn Sequeira emphasized the transformative potential of Highway 9’s innovation: “We created a mobile cloud for the enterprise, building on the superior range, mobility, resiliency, predictability, and low-latency characteristics of private cellular technology, and coupled it with a fully cloud-native platform.”

The Highway 9 Mobile Cloud caters to the evolving needs of today’s mobile-first enterprises across various sectors. Its capabilities extend to enabling voice and data coverage everywhere, facilitating reliable connectivity for AI-driven use cases such as robotics, factory automation, and drones.

Moreover, the solution fills a crucial gap in the market, providing a robust alternative to traditional fixed wireless solutions and distributed antenna systems (DAS). With features like multi-eSIM support and private 5G integration, Highway 9 Networks is poised to set new standards in enterprise mobile networking.

“We believe the next decade will see the migration of such mobile and AI clients and devices to the mobile cloud, unleashing a whole new wave of innovation,” Sequeira added.

Highway 9 Networks’ approach has garnered praise from industry experts and early adopters alike. Mark Silis, Vice President of Information Systems & Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, emphasized the platform’s role in ensuring secure connectivity across diverse environments.

Likewise, Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, highlighted the significance of Highway 9’s cloud-native model in simplifying enterprise communications and accelerating digital automation.

With the support of its investors and a growing roster of enterprise clients, Highway 9 Networks is poised to reshape the landscape of enterprise mobile networking. The company’s vision of a seamlessly connected, AI-driven future is rapidly becoming a reality, promising enhanced efficiency and innovation across industries.

For more information about Highway 9 Networks and its transformative mobile cloud solution, visit highway9.com.

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