Greyparrot Secures $12.8 Million Investment to Advance Waste Management

Greyparrot Secures $12.8 Million Investment to Advance Waste Management

London-based AI waste analytics startup, Greyparrot, has recently announced securing a significant investment of $12.8 million. The funding, led by Bollegraaf, a renowned Netherlands-based company, is set to accelerate Greyparrot’s mission to transform global waste management.

The partnership between Greyparrot and Bollegraaf marks a strategic move towards enhancing waste intelligence and sustainability efforts across the waste value chain. With the alarming prediction that the world will generate 3.4 billion tonnes of waste annually by 2050, the need for advanced technologies in waste management has never been more pressing.

Greyparrot’s innovative AI-powered solutions aim to revolutionize waste analytics and recycling processes. By providing real-time insights into waste streams, Greyparrot enables recycling facility managers and producers to optimize recycling efforts and minimize waste.

Mikela Druckman, CEO of Greyparrot, expressed her enthusiasm regarding the partnership and the company’s vision for the future of waste management. “In a world drowning in waste, a large percentage of which is recoverable, the urgency for action has never been greater. It’s time for a revolutionary leap in how we value, capture, and manage our waste. We’re excited to partner with Bollegraaf, and add to our team of experts in artificial intelligence and deep learning, to address this challenge and pave the way for the waste industry’s largest rollout of AI to date.”

The Greyparrot Analyzer, a flagship product of the company, has already demonstrated its effectiveness by analyzing over 25 billion waste objects in 2023 alone. With its ability to categorize waste into over 70 categories in real-time, including material type, financial value, brand, and GHG emissions, the Analyzer plays a crucial role in optimizing recycling processes and maximizing resource recovery.

Edmund Tenfelde, CEO of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, emphasized the significance of the partnership in advancing recycling infrastructure globally. “We are thrilled to make this strategic investment and partner with Greyparrot to bring waste intelligence to both upcoming recycling infrastructure deployments and existing facilities worldwide. We believe that Bollegraaf’s comprehensive knowledge of automation of recycling MRF operations, premium equipment quality, and unique engineering expertise empowered with Greyparrot AI systems represent the one-of-a-kind synergy that is destined for success.”

The infusion of funding will enable Greyparrot to expand its operations and foster collaboration across the waste management ecosystem, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future. As the world grapples with escalating waste challenges, innovative solutions like those offered by Greyparrot are paramount in driving positive change and mitigating environmental impact.

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