Digs Secures $7M in Funding to Expand Innovative Home Building Collaboration Platform

Digs Secures $7M in Funding to Expand Innovative Home Building Collaboration Platform

Digs, a leading AI collaboration platform for home builders and homeowners, successfully secured $7 million in seed funding. The funding round was spearheaded by Oregon Venture Fund and Legacy Capital Ventures, with notable participation from prior investors, including Fuse, Flying Fish, Betaworks, PSF, Cascade Seed Fund, and additional support from Deepwater Asset Management.

Digs, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, stands out for its innovative web-based software, employing human-centric design and cutting-edge AI to simplify document organization, collaboration, and digital handoffs in the realm of residential construction.

CEO Ryan Fink expressed excitement about the funding, emphasizing its strategic use in accelerating the platform’s rollout and the launch of an expansive marketplace. The company’s platform, now accessible in all 50 states and Canada, caters to a diverse user base, including builders, suppliers, contractors, and homeowners.

The transition from beta to full availability occurred in under a year, hosting projects ranging from boutique builders to national developers, representing an impressive $3 billion+ in home value on the platform.

To fortify the platform’s growth, Digs welcomed Jef Holove, a seasoned technology executive and former CEO of Drop, as Chief Operating Officer. Holove’s extensive experience in consumer technology, including leading an e-commerce marketplace, positions him well to support Digs’ expansion and marketplace strategy.

Digs, distinctively, addresses various stages of home building through its user-friendly software. From pre-construction planning and real-time design collaboration to efficient project management during construction and seamless handoff and warranty management, the platform simplifies information sharing for both builders and homeowners.

Ryan Fink, Digs CEO, noted, “The digital twin that Digs creates for the home includes everything home builders and homeowners would need to know — from room dimensions, paint and fixture specifics to what water filter is compatible with the fridge. Imagine the unprecedented ease of managing and improving homes with insights tailored to your interests, available at the press of a button.”

Despite a recent real estate slowdown, Fink mentioned that Digs has continued to grow by helping builders consolidate their software, providing a unique advantage over competitors. While other project management software exists, Digs distinguishes itself by focusing on both internal and external collaboration.

In a testament to its growing success, Digs recently hired Jef Holove as its Chief Operating Officer, bringing the company’s total employee count to 25. With this infusion of funding and strategic leadership, Digs is poised to redefine collaboration in the home-building industry, promising a more efficient and streamlined approach for builders and homeowners alike.

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