Daedalus Secures $21M Funding to Revolutionize Precision Manufacturing

Daedalus Secures $21M Funding to Revolutionize Precision Manufacturing

Daedalus, a technology company based in Karlsruhe, Germany, has successfully raised $21 million in Series A funding to fuel its mission of transforming precision manufacturing with AI-driven factories. Led by CEO Jonas Schneider, Daedalus aims to redefine manufacturing by building advanced factories capable of producing bespoke precision parts with unprecedented reliability and efficiency.

The funding round, led by NGP Capital and joined by existing investors Addition and Khosla Ventures, will enable Daedalus to further develop its proprietary Manufacturing AI Platform and expand its production facilities in Germany. With a focus on scaling its operations, Daedalus seeks to address the challenges faced by industries such as semiconductor, energy, e-mobility, defense, and pharmaceuticals in sourcing mission-critical components.

Daedalus’s innovative approach utilizes AI to automate and optimize the entire manufacturing process, from quoting to delivery. By leveraging its software-driven factories, Daedalus aims to make precision manufacturing more accessible and scalable for businesses, removing the barriers posed by fragmented supplier landscapes and labor shortages.

Commenting on the news, Jonas Schneider highlighted the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing manufacturing processes. He emphasized Daedalus’s vision of creating autonomous and instantly reconfigurable factories capable of producing complex parts with superhuman precision and efficiency.

Schneider’s journey to founding Daedalus was inspired by his experience at OpenAI, where he spearheaded robotics research before venturing into precision manufacturing. Recognizing the challenges faced by the industry, Schneider envisions Daedalus’s factories as hubs of collective knowledge and expertise, poised to meet the evolving demands of various sectors.

With the support of investors like NGP Capital, Daedalus is poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing precision manufacturing, unlocking new possibilities for industries worldwide. The funding will enable Daedalus to accelerate its growth, meet customer demand, and continue innovating in the field of AI-driven manufacturing.

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