Conservation Labs Secures $7.5 Million Series A Funding Led by RET Ventures

Conservation Labs Secures $7.5 Million Series A Funding Led by RET Ventures

Conservation Labs, an innovative AI company based in Pittsburgh, PA, has recently secured a substantial $7.5 million in Series A funding, with RET Ventures’ Housing Impact Fund leading the investment alongside participation from Sustain VC. This significant capital injection is aimed at propelling the development and market expansion of Conservation Labs’ groundbreaking products.

At the heart of Conservation Labs’ mission lies a commitment to merging technological innovation with environmental responsibility. Their flagship product, H2know, addresses the pressing issue of water conservation. With over 5 trillion gallons of water wasted globally each year, the company’s smart sensor technology aims to revolutionize water management in residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.

By analyzing the acoustic signature of water flowing through pipes, H2know provides real-time insights, detects leaks, and offers tailored conservation recommendations. This proactive approach not only mitigates water waste but also contributes to substantial reductions in energy consumption and associated costs.

Mark Kovscek, Founder and CEO of Conservation Labs, emphasizes the broader impact of their technology beyond water conservation alone: “In a typical building, water is one of the largest consumers of energy; by reducing water usage our technology has also enabled buildings to cut their energy costs in a significant way.”

In addition to its water conservation efforts, Conservation Labs has extended its AI expertise to develop Sustainable Machines, a product suite designed to optimize machinery maintenance. By analyzing the sound profiles of machines, this innovative solution provides operational insights and predictive maintenance recommendations, leading to cost savings and prolonged machinery lifespan. Notably, early adopters of Sustainable Machines have reported remarkable returns on investment through enhanced maintenance efficiency and minimized downtime.

The significance of Conservation Labs’ contributions extends beyond mere technological advancement; it represents a fundamental shift towards sustainable practices in various industries. Christopher Yip, Partner at RET Ventures, underscores the immense market potential of Conservation Labs’ solutions: “Conservation Labs’ innovative approach to water conservation provides an operational edge to its clients, and the real estate market opportunity for H2know is massive.”

Founded in 2016, Conservation Labs continues to lead the charge in leveraging AI to drive sustainability in the built environment. With a commitment to harnessing technology for positive environmental impact, the company is poised to revolutionize industries and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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