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ConnectWise Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Tools ‘Sidekick’ for Technology Providers

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ConnectWise, a leading software company dedicated to the success of technology solution providers (TSPs), has introduced innovative AI-powered products at its IT Nation event in Orlando, Florida. The announcement includes the release of groundbreaking robotic process automation (RPA) technology and a purpose-built AI companion named ConnectWise Sidekick.

In his keynote address, ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee expressed gratitude to the audience, emphasizing their pivotal role in the company’s innovation journey. “You are the cornerstone of everything we do. Innovation continues to happen at a breakneck pace,” Magee stated.

The RPA technology is designed to simplify the creation, deployment, and management of software robots that emulate human actions in digital environments. This tool not only aims to reduce costs but also addresses talent shortages by enabling teams to automate repetitive and time-consuming processes. Available now on the Asio platform, ConnectWise’s platform-as-a-service solution, the RPA technology, marks a significant step forward in hyper-automation.

ConnectWise also introduced a visual workflow orchestration feature on the Asio platform, allowing MSPs to automate processes seamlessly across multiple ConnectWise products and third-party solutions. The drag-and-drop capability enhances efficiency and simplifies complex operations.

One of the key highlights is the unveiling of ConnectWise Sidekick, touted as the world’s first purpose-built AI companion for technology providers. Available immediately across Business Management and Unified Monitoring and management solution portfolios, Sidekick leverages ConnectWise’s generative AI models and large language models to automate tasks such as generating PowerShell scripts, ticket categorization, summarization, providing resolutions, and automated responses to end users.

Mark Essayian, president of MSP KME Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the integration between ConnectWise and Microsoft tools, citing the potential time savings with Sidekick. “With Sidekick, we can spend less time searching for information and more time working with our clients,” Essayian stated.

ConnectWise Sidekick is positioned to streamline ticket management, offering faster resolution times and consistent customer experiences. By automating triage, summarization, and resolution suggestions, the AI companion enhances team productivity and optimizes operations. The tool centralizes information access within Microsoft Teams, providing streamlined updates for all teams.

In the words of Raghu Bongula, Chief Technology Officer at ConnectWise, “ConnectWise Sidekick is the only purpose-built solution that provides value for every persona or role across the TSP.”

ConnectWise’s commitment to advancing AI-driven solutions is evident in these recent releases, reinforcing its position as a global leader in technology solutions that simplify and optimize businesses worldwide. To learn more about these transformative capabilities, visit connectwise.com.

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