CitrusX: Fueling Responsible AI with $4.5M Seed for Transparency and Compliance

CitrusX raised $4.5 million in a recent seed funding round

In a significant stride towards advancing AI transparency and regulatory compliance, Israeli startup CitrusX has successfully raised $4.5 million in a recent seed funding round. The investment, led by Canadian VC Awz and featuring participation from angel investors, underlines the growing importance of ensuring responsible and compliant AI practices in today’s evolving technological landscape.

Addressing Critical Bottlenecks in AI Deployment

As industries increasingly embrace AI technologies, the journey from model development to deployment has emerged as a crucial bottleneck for businesses. CitrusX, founded by Noa Srebrnik (CEO) and Gilad Manor (CTO), aims to address this challenge with its end-to-end AI validation and explainability platform.


The platform offers model validation, governance, and monitoring, providing a bridge for all stakeholders within an organization’s AI pipeline. One of the key challenges in AI adoption is the lack of understanding of machine learning (ML) models outside the data science team. CitrusX seeks to make ML models more accessible, explainable, and fair, fostering responsible AI usage aligned with regulatory requirements.

Patent-Pending Technology for Enhanced Transparency

CitrusX’s patent-pending technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing transparency by revealing elements and weak spots in a data space. It identifies errors and vulnerabilities in ML models and sheds light on potential feature bias that may lead to unexpected errors. This approach ensures that the deployment and maintenance of ML models are not only smoother and faster but also align with regulatory demands.

Strategic Funding for Expansion and Development

The $4.5 million seed funding will be instrumental in expanding CitrusX’s operations and furthering its development efforts. The startup is already making strides in regulated industries such as finance and security, collaborating with publicly listed companies to enhance AI transparency and compliance.

A Woman-Led Initiative Prioritizing Diversity

Founded in 2021, CitrusX, with its twelve employees, is not only a technological innovator but also a proponent of diversity. CEO Noa Srebrnik emphasizes the importance of being a woman CEO by showcasing a commitment to building a diverse workforce. The company’s agnostic approach enables it to adapt to evolving AI technologies seamlessly.

CitrusX: Fulfilling the Need for AI Compliance Solutions

With governments worldwide exploring AI regulations, CitrusX steps in as a valuable ally for businesses aiming to stay compliant. The platform ensures that AI models remain relevant with updated data, fostering trust among stakeholders. It expedites the process of taking AI models to production, addressing the significant challenges posed by the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI.

CitrusX’s seed funding, led by Awz, signifies a vote of confidence in the startup’s mission to facilitate responsible, transparent, and compliant AI practices in the corporate world. As AI continues to reshape industries, CitrusX stands as a beacon for those navigating the complex terrain of AI deployment while ensuring accountability, transparency, and regulatory adherence.

You can check out more about CitrusX on the official site here.

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