BRIA Secures $24M in Series A Funding for Responsible Visual Generative AI Platform

BRIA Secures $24M in Series A Funding for Responsible Visual Generative AI Platform

Tel Aviv-based company BRIA has successfully raised $24 million in Series A funding, marking a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize the field of visual generative AI. The funding round was led by prominent investors including GFT Ventures, Intel Capital, and Entrée Capital, with participation from several other key players such as Publicis Groupe, Getty Images, and Samsung Next, among others.

Led by CEO and Founder Dr. Yair Adato, BRIA specializes in providing a responsible visual generative AI open platform, allowing developers to integrate AI capabilities seamlessly into existing products and systems. The company’s platform offers a wide range of services, including text-to-video facilities, APIs, SDKs, and source code, empowering businesses to leverage the power of AI for various applications.

One of BRIA’s distinguishing features is its commitment to ethical AI practices and copyright compliance. The company collaborates with leading stock image providers and ensures that all training data is properly licensed. This not only ensures the quality and legality of the generated content but also enables fair compensation for content creators.

Dr. Adato commented on the significance of the funding, stating, “This investment will enable us to further expand our generative capabilities and strengthen our platform for developers worldwide. We are committed to promoting responsible AI practices and providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly AI-driven world.”

BRIA’s platform has already gained traction among businesses looking to harness the power of AI for various applications. By offering a commercially-ready solution that prioritizes legal compliance and responsible AI, BRIA is poised to drive innovation in the field of visual generative AI.

The company’s holistic approach to AI solutions, coupled with its focus on democratization and sustainability, sets it apart in the competitive AI landscape. With the support of its investors, BRIA is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and make a lasting impact on the future of AI technology.

For businesses looking to incorporate AI into their operations, BRIA offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, including AI foundation models, APIs, SDKs, and web integration capabilities. By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and commercial viability, BRIA is paving the way for a new era of responsible AI innovation.

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