BREV/ΛN Secures $9M Seed Funding for Enterprise AI Agent Platform

BREV/ΛN Secures $9M Seed Funding for Enterprise AI Agent Platform

BREV/ɅN, a California-based enterprise AI platform, has announced securing $9 million in Seed funding to further develop its no-code platform for building customizable AI agents integrated with enterprise data. The funding round was led by Felicis, with participation from notable investors and advisors including David Meyer, Tom Gillis, Jason Chan, Jure Leskovec, Eric Baldeschwieler, Opher Kahane, and Travis McPeak.

Founded by Vinay Wagh and Ram Swaminathan, BREV/ΛN offers a unique proposition in the AI space by providing a platform where business users can create custom AI agents without needing coding expertise. These agents are designed to understand English, seamlessly integrate with enterprise data and applications, respond to queries, and automate repetitive tasks.

In a LinkedIn post, BREV/ΛN revealed its emergence from stealth mode, highlighting the journey from initial apprehensions to remarkable demonstrations across various enterprise functions. The platform aims to address the needs of diverse teams, including data, support, security engineering, IT, and trust & safety.

Wagh, drawing from his experience at Databricks, recognized the potential of AI applications in enterprises and the critical role BREV/ΛN could play in filling existing gaps. Swaminathan, with a background in academia and AI trust at LinkedIn, brings a depth of expertise to ensure the platform’s security and functionality.

One of the core focuses of BREV/ΛN is security, particularly in safeguarding sensitive data from leaks and prompt injection attacks. Through intent-based systems and prompt analysis, the company aims to mitigate security risks associated with AI adoption in enterprises.

Jake Storm from Felicis Ventures emphasized the significance of AI applications in the current landscape and recognized BREV/ΛN’s pioneering efforts in this domain. The substantial seed funding will fuel the company’s mission to accelerate product development and cater to the increasing demand from its early release program participants.

With a vision to empower business users across enterprises, BREV/ΛN aims to redefine AI adoption by offering secure, customizable, and intuitive AI agents that streamline daily tasks. As the company moves forward, it anticipates further expansion into additional enterprise functions, promising enhanced productivity and efficiency through AI integration.

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