Artisse AI Secures $6.7M Funding to Revolutionize Realistic AI Photography

Artisse AI Secures $6.7M Funding to Revolutionize Realistic AI Photography

Hong Kong-based company Artisse AI has successfully raised $6.7 million in seed funding, led by The London Fund, signaling a significant milestone for its human-centric AI image technology. CEO William Wu spearheads the company, which specializes in AI and blockchain solutions for various industries, providing realistic imagery at scale using proprietary generative AI technology.

The funds secured in this round will play a pivotal role in propelling Artisse’s business acceleration initiatives. The company’s innovative app empowers users to create highly personalized photos rapidly, allowing them to choose settings, postures, clothing, hairstyles, and facial expressions. Artisse caters to diverse sectors such as advertising, modeling, lifestyle, tourism, and intellectual property.

Artisse AI
Source: Artisse AI Pitch Deck

Artisse’s unique approach to AI photography sets it apart in the market. Unlike its competitors, the company is focused on producing hyper-realistic images that can rival professional photography. The app’s success is evident, with over 200,000 downloads within the first few weeks of launch and a global reach from Thailand to Argentina.

Artisse AI
Source: Artisse AI

Founder William Wu, previously with McKinsey & Co. and Oaktree Capital, was inspired to create Artisse to make high-quality photography accessible to everyone with a smartphone. The app’s training process, taking 30 to 40 minutes, results in remarkably realistic images, a key differentiator for Artisse.

Wu emphasizes the importance of Artisse’s model considering various factors like race, facial structures, skin color, lighting, camera type, and more. The AI’s training on public domain photography ensures a focus on image quality rather than sheer volume.

Despite challenges faced by other apps in terms of diversity and body image concerns, Artisse aims to stand out by producing photos suitable for real-life use. The app has already gained traction among models, influencers, and businesses using AI photography for their advertisements.

Artisse’s monetization strategy has evolved from offering 25 free photos, followed by a nominal charge per photo, to a subscription-based model. With three tiers priced at $7, $15, and $40 per month, Artisse has witnessed significant revenue growth, claiming $1 million ARR in December 2023, and is on track to reach $2.5 million ARR this month.

Artisse AI

The $6.7 million seed funding, led by The London Fund, positions Artisse for further growth and expansion. The company is exploring additional applications for its AI technology, including virtual fitting room tech for online shopping and a group photo feature that allows users to “pose” with friends or celebrities. Artisse’s AI app is available on both iOS and Android, offering a transformative experience in the world of AI photography.

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