AIX Ventures Wraps Up Second Fund, at $202 Million

AIX Ventures Wraps Up Second Fund, at $202 Million

AIX Ventures, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, has concluded its second fundraising round, amassing a total of $202 million.

The venture capital firm, spearheaded by Richard Socher, Shaun Johnson, and other notable figures, maintains a distinct focus on AI investments, spanning from the PreSeed stage to Series A. This new fund, known as Fund II, positions the company to further collaborate with enterprises and innovators leveraging AI to revolutionize innovation and collaboration, both within workplaces and beyond.

Fund II marks a significant interest in AI applications and infrastructure, with the potential to redefine labor across various sectors. AIX Ventures maintains a broad investment scope, encompassing Consumer, Developer Tools & Data, Healthcare/LifeSciences, Manufacturing & Warehousing, and SaaS. Initial investments range from $500,000 to $2 million, with additional reserves earmarked for subsequent investments in Series A and beyond.

Among the current portfolio companies are recognizable names such as HuggingFace, You.com, Weights & Biases, Perplexity, and Chroma.

The roster of investing partners includes esteemed figures like Pieter Abbeel, founder of Covariant and UC Berkeley professor; Anthony Goldbloom, founder of Kaggle and prolific angel investor; Christopher Manning, ML professor at Stanford University; and Richard Socher, founder of You.com and AIX Co-Founder.

In a statement released by the AIX Ventures team on February 13, 2024, they emphasized the company’s commitment to nurturing early-stage AI enterprises. The team expressed enthusiasm regarding the potential to spearhead more investment rounds and expand its investing team with the newly secured Fund II. AIX Ventures reiterated its dedication to partnering with companies and founders striving to leverage AI for enhanced innovation, collaboration, and overall success, both within workplaces and across diverse industries.

The announcement underscored the belief that AI will continue to disrupt global industries, spanning from traditional workplaces to domains like healthcare, biotechnology, and climate management. AIX Ventures positioned itself as a pivotal player in facilitating this disruption, envisioning a future where humans and machines collaborate symbiotically to drive positive change globally.

With a burgeoning community of top AI practitioners and aspiring founders, AIX Ventures aims to provide comprehensive support to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the AI landscape. The company reaffirmed its commitment to standing by its founders throughout their journey, from inception to the establishment of enduring enterprises.

The team expressed gratitude to founders, investors, and supporters for their unwavering backing as they look forward to empowering more innovators, advancing AI, and collectively shaping the future of work.

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