Valve Embraces AI in Steam Games with New Guidelines

Valve Embraces AI in Steam Games with New Guidelines

Valve has rolled out updated guidelines on AI-generated content in Steam games, a move aimed at accommodating a broader range of games leveraging artificial intelligence. The company’s new policies, following months of review, aim to facilitate the release of the “vast majority” of AI-powered games on Steam.

Developers utilizing AI-powered tools in their game development process are now permitted to publish their games on Steam. However, they must disclose the use of AI in the standard Content Survey during the submission process. The AI integration is categorized into “pre-generated” content, created with AI tools during development, and “live-generated” content, generated by AI tools while the game is running.

Valve emphasizes transparency by displaying these disclosures on Steam store pages, allowing users to make informed decisions about the AI content within the games. Notably, games featuring “Adult Only Sexual Content” generated by live AI remain restricted on Steam.

For pre-generated AI content, developers are cautioned to ensure their games exclude illegal or infringing content, focusing on the output of AI-generated content. However, the guidelines do not address the copyright status of the content used in the training models.

In the case of live-generated content, Valve requires developers to outline the safeguards implemented to prevent the generation of illegal content by AI. To enhance user experience, an “in-game overlay” has been introduced to allow players to report inappropriate AI-generated content in Steam games.

While many game developers have embraced AI tools for various aspects of game creation, there are differing views within the industry. Some developers welcome the integration of AI to streamline processes, while others express concerns about AI potentially replacing human creative roles.

Valve’s move is part of an ongoing effort to adapt to evolving technologies and legal frameworks. The company acknowledges that its attitude and rules towards AI-generated content may evolve based on advancements in technology and legal considerations.

As the gaming industry continues to explore the possibilities of AI, Valve’s updated guidelines aim to strike a balance between innovation, transparency, and responsible use of AI in game development. The future trajectory of AI in gaming remains dynamic, with ongoing discussions about its impact on creativity and the need for ethical considerations in its application.

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