Tufin Enhances Network Operations with Acquisition of AKIPS

Tufin Enhances Network Operations with Acquisition of AKIPS

Tufin, a prominent company specializing in network and cloud security policy automation based in Boston, MA, has recently completed the acquisition of AKIPS, a leading provider of network monitoring solutions headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. The deal’s financial details were not disclosed.

This acquisition marks a significant move for Tufin towards bolstering its capabilities in providing comprehensive visibility, management, and automation tools for enterprise network security and IT teams. By integrating AKIPS’ advanced network monitoring solution into its portfolio, Tufin aims to empower its customers with enhanced insights and streamlined operations.

AKIPS, under the leadership of CEO Mark Birkinshaw, has developed scalable network and infrastructure monitoring software renowned for its features and extensive coverage of real-time and historical performance metrics. This software enables network engineers to detect and resolve issues proactively, minimizing business disruptions and optimizing network performance.

Ray Brancato, CEO of Tufin, emphasized the importance of this acquisition in addressing the evolving challenges faced by IT and security teams in managing expanding and complex enterprise networks. He highlighted AKIPS’ award-winning network monitoring solution as a valuable addition to Tufin’s offerings, enabling customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their network operations and expedite issue resolution.

With over 250 customers globally and product coverage spanning more than 90 vendors, including major names like Fortinet, Palo Alto, and Cisco, AKIPS brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Tufin. The combined strengths of both companies create a unique proposition in the market, providing customers with the tools needed to take full control of their security environments.

The demand for integrated solutions that offer visibility into both network and cloud security, coupled with automation capabilities, is on the rise. Tufin’s platform, trusted by over 2,900 customers across various industries, is well-positioned to address these needs effectively. The company’s recent accolades and enhancements further underscore its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving requirements of modern enterprises.

Through this strategic acquisition, Tufin reaffirms its dedication to simplifying security policy management across complex hybrid networks and ensuring continuous compliance and audit readiness. The integration of AKIPS’ capabilities into Tufin’s platform is poised to further enhance its market-leading offerings and drive continued success in the dynamic landscape of network security.

For more information about Tufin’s comprehensive network and cloud security solutions, please visit www.tufin.com.

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