Shield AI Secures $300M in Series F and Debt Funding to Propel AI Pilot Deployment

Shield AI Secures $300M in Series F and Debt Funding to Propel AI Pilot Deployment

Shield AI, a San Diego-based defense technology firm, has successfully raised an additional $100 million in Series F funding, alongside $200 million in debt from Hercules Capital. This brings the total funding to an impressive $500 million, highlighting the strong support and recognition Shield AI has garnered within the defense and investment communities.

The company, led by CEO Ryan Tseng, aims to utilize the funds to accelerate the deployment of AI pilots across various aircraft classes. Shield AI’s flagship product, Hivemind, serves as an AI pilot that empowers intelligent aircraft to operate autonomously in high-threat environments, eliminating the need for remote operators or GPS. This groundbreaking technology has positioned AI pilots as a strategic conventional deterrent, marking a significant paradigm shift in aerospace and defense.

Ryan Tseng, CEO and Co-founder of Shield AI, expressed the transformative impact of AI pilots on national security and global stability, addressing critical issues such as electronic warfare and the devastation caused by jamming technologies. Brandon Tseng, President, Co-founder, and former Navy SEAL, emphasized how AI pilots enable the concept of intelligent, affordable mass, allowing swarms of cost-effective aircraft to execute missions traditionally reserved for expensive counterparts.

Hivemind, the aircraft-agnostic autonomy stack at the core of Shield AI’s technology, has demonstrated its capabilities by successfully flying various aircraft, including quadcopters, the MQ-35A V-BAT, and the F-16. The company holds the record for the highest number of autonomous flight hours executing fighter jet maneuvers globally.

In addition to its focus on traditional aircraft, Shield AI has expanded its capabilities with the introduction of V-BAT Teams. This innovative software, powered by Hivemind, facilitates the autonomous coordination of teams of V-BATs, enabling them to adapt and react to each other and the environment, emulating human-like teamwork.

Shield AI, founded in 2015, remains committed to its mission of protecting service members and civilians with intelligent systems. The recent funding infusion will play a crucial role in further advancing the deployment of AI pilots, solidifying Shield AI’s position as a leading force in the realm of defense technology. With offices in San Diego, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and abroad, Shield AI continues to actively support operations with the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. allies, contributing to the ongoing evolution of AI-driven defense solutions.

For more information, visit www.shield.ai.

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