Recraft Secures $12M Series A Funding to Transform Professional Graphic Design with AI

Recraft Secures $12M Series A Funding to Transform Professional Graphic Design with AI

Recraft, the London-based generative AI graphic design platform, has successfully raised $12 million in a Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures and former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman. The investment also saw participation from RTP Global, Abstract VC, Basis Set Ventures, and notable angel investors, including Elad Gil, Zhenya Loginov, Dharmesh Shah, and Akshay Kothari.

Founded by Anna Veronika Dorogush in September 2022, Recraft has quickly gained traction, attracting over 300,000 users within its first eight months of operation. The platform, introduced on Product Hunt in May of the previous year, offers a natural language user interface, making it user-friendly for both professional designers and marketers.

Unlike many generative AI tools that focus on raster images, Recraft stands out by developing both raster and infinitely scalable vector images. This capability empowers users to create and edit vector art, icons, 3D images, and illustrations while adhering to a consistent brand style, including color palette, geometry of icons, and line styles.

Recraft Public Image Gallery | Source: Recraft

Anna Veronika Dorogush, CEO and Founder of Recraft, expressed her belief in the transformative power of AI in design: “I truly believe that AI has the ability to reshape design and influence the way that we look at the world.”

The Series A funding will fuel Recraft’s expansion efforts, focusing on operations, development, and broadening its business reach. The company plans to enhance its generative AI platform for professional design with features such as style control using visual references, the creation of sets of branded images or icons, and the generation of graphic designs combining images and text for digital advertising and marketing purposes.

Notably, Recraft is developing its own Foundation Model, a pre-trained deep learning algorithm, to improve the quality and consistency of AI-generated graphic design. This approach sets Recraft apart from others in the field, as most rely on open-source AI platforms.

Nikita Shamgunov, Partner at Khosla Ventures, emphasized the significance of Recraft’s professional focus, stating, “Recraft delivers on professional workflows such as vector images, style controls, and end-to-end content production, all powered by in-house-built foundation models.”

With the new funding injection, Recraft aims to continue its mission of revolutionizing professional graphic design by harnessing the full potential of generative AI and providing professionals with advanced tools for creativity and brand consistency.


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