Prompt Security Secures $5M Funding to Combat Generative AI Threats

Prompt Security Secures $5M Funding to Combat Generative AI Threats

Prompt Security, an Israeli-based startup specializing in generative AI security, has successfully raised $5 million in seed funding to propel its mission of safeguarding enterprises from evolving generative AI threats. The funding round, led by Hetz Ventures and supported by Four Rivers, alongside notable angel investors including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at Elastic and Dolby, marks a significant milestone for the company.

Founded in August 2023 by CEO Itamar Golan and CTO Lior Drihem, both veterans of the IDF signals intelligence unit 8200, Prompt Security has quickly positioned itself as a key player in the dynamic landscape of AI security. The company’s integrated platform is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for enterprises, addressing security, governance, data privacy, and safety concerns associated with generative AI technologies.

Prompt Security’s funding success comes amidst the backdrop of challenges, including the Swords of Iron war and the reserve duty of key personnel. Despite these obstacles, the company’s commitment and determination shone through, with Golan emphasizing, “We realized that there was no choice. We are facing a large, intensive market, and no-one in California is waiting for us.”

During his reserves stint, Golan continued to engage with funds and potential customers, showcasing the team’s dedication. Golan added, “It’s not a military battle, but it’s something that, among other things, is also for the benefit of the Israeli economy.”

The $5 million infusion is expected to propel Prompt Security’s innovative security solutions, allowing enterprises to harness the potential of generative AI while mitigating associated risks. The company’s nuanced, multi-faceted approach includes the inspection of semantic data, governance tools for visibility and access policies, contextual LLM-based models for data privacy, and scrutiny of AI tool responses for harmful content.

Itamar Golan, CEO of Prompt Security, highlighted the urgency of their mission in the face of generative AI’s rapid infiltration into enterprises. “Generative AI is rapidly infiltrating enterprises, and this brings a world of new high-stakes risks,” said Golan. He emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering CISOs and ensuring that enterprises can fully leverage the transformative capabilities of generative AI without compromising on security or data privacy.

With the newly acquired funds, Prompt Security is poised to further refine its cutting-edge security protocols, solidifying its position as a leader in addressing the challenges posed by the widespread adoption of generative AI technologies.

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